Social Media Troubles

1.My laptop has an extremely sensitive TouchPad. When I don’t push FnF5, it’s on, and it results in my typilike this. ng looking, because it changes the actively moving the TouchPadorder of my cursor as I type, even on purpose!though I’m not Sometimes it deletes things, entire I’ve alreadysections written. I’ve never had a keyboard like this, and after three years, it still catches me, like when I’ve been away from it and it’s gone to sleep. Sometimou’ll es y missing letters or words my comments and on that’s why. It’s not because I’m impaired. Promise. I mean, sometimes I make mistakes, everyone does, but a lot of it can be traced to the Evil TouchPad. Many of you suffer similarly from large thumbs and special phones with a heightened sense of Autocorrect, am I right?
*presses FnF5* WHEW!


2. To do well on social media, I must sacrifice some aspect of my offline life, which is why I take long breaks from WordPress and Twitter, although I always catch up on my favorites. If you have a life where you somehow manage to keep your house clean, your family and friends close, and your personal appearance appealing — while also keepin up with your social media, then I declare you are a liar, or you have hired help, or while I’m meditating, you’re shootin your body up with amphetamines, or you don’t sleep, ever. I hafta DO things. Balance is hard. But it’s cool how doing those things gives me stuff to share…

3. Notification Failure. Sometimes WordPress doesn’t give notifications. I guess about a dozen of you wished me well before my trip to the dentist, but I never saw any of them until today. Thanks, y’all. FavStar fails to give notifications sometimes, too. I’ve missed trophies, and had trophies missed. Facebook fails, too, which I’ve known for some time, but I’m somehow always surprised to find someone commenting on a photo from 3 years ago, and seeing questions I never answered. The best part about Facebook, though, has got to be how it loses messages. I know I had True’s new address, but now I don’t. Fun.


4. Check your blog’s spam. There may actually be valid comments in there! Along with that, your Facebook Inbox has a separate box entitled “Other” wherein you may have messages from Not Your Friends. One of them might be your ex, tryin once again to talk to you, but hey, you might have one from that blogger chick you’d like to get to know better.

Tell me your social media troubles? Tell me I’m not alone? 

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32 Responses to Social Media Troubles

  1. Dan Antion says:

    You are NOT alone. I also have the uber-sensitive touch pad, but I disabled it, drove a stake through its heart, disconnected its power and smeared silicon caulk all over it. Still, if I have any typos, it’s the touch pad’s fault. As for the “how do you manage all that stuff?” well, you included “personal appearance appealing” – yeah, I can skip that 🙂


  2. hollie says:

    I didn’t know about an extra folder on facebook for messages…and I’m kinda scared to check it out! I have a feeling if there are any messages there they are from ex’s, creepy weirdos, or the girlfriends of ex’s not so much cool blog chicks!


  3. meANXIETYme says:

    I’m so happy that my trackpad has a little area I can double-tap to turn it off if I have to do a lot of typing. Otherwise, I’ve mostly become accustomed to it since I’ve had a trackpad on my laptop for at least five years. 🙂

    But yeah, I’ve had that issue where words and whole paragraphs have disappeared, or been typed in the middle of…it’s always a challenge to figure out what the hell happened when I wasn’t looking….


  4. Phil Taylor says:

    You’re on Twitter? What’s your name? I’ll follow if I’m not already.


  5. Phil Taylor says:

    Never mind. Found you. Hope you don’t mind!


  6. LindaGHill says:

    I had a HELL of a time with my mousepad when I first got my Windows 8 computer. It was working like a touch screen, constantly making my text so small I couldn’t read it, highlighting and deleting stuff with a hairs-breadth of a touch. It drove me NUTS! I disabled most of it in the Control Panel AND made it less sensitive while I was there. Which OS do you have?
    My house is a mess, I look like crap (had a haircut 2 years ago!) and I don’t have any friends. Can you tell? 😀
    Just found my “other” box at FB. Nothing exciting there, damnit.


    • Oh! The Mister has the Windows 8 touch screen! Yeah, I can’t deal with that. I love the mouse. I’m all about the mouse. This one is Windows 7. I had 8 before, but it wasn’t touch screen. I had Vista, too, and it was no big deal…I’m mildly afraid that eventually they’ll all be touch screen.
      I’m glad you can relate to my troubles.
      When The Mister was deployed, I took great care of myself, with salon appointments and spa and all that. I needed the time, I needed to be pampered. Now that that’s over with, I rarely go. Beauty Queen cuts my hair better than anyone, The Mister rubs me better than anyone, and well, I get a pedicure now and again — and clearly I’m neglecting my brows, lol!
      But, I do have a marvelous family as well as wonderful friends who come to my clean house, haha!
      It seems I am a much happier person now, in just vivacity and not sheer insanity!
      I do so wish you’d found some excitement in your Other box! Not even one prince? LOL


      • LindaGHill says:

        Not even!! All that prince lovin’ gets addictive though, so I’m probably better off 😛 WP spam catcher though? They get some doozies. I’m currently living off those. 😀
        I’d have friends too if they cleaned my house! Send some this way!
        I don’t have a touch screen – the touch pad acts like one, and when I’m typing and suddenly my freakin’ BODY HEAT deletes everything I’ve spent an hour writing, I get really crabby. GRRR!!
        Oh, and I’m waiting for my unibrow to transform into a butterfly. 😉


  7. Kat's Den says:

    You are not alone. I have the same touch pad trouble and had no clue about FnF5. I’ll try to remember that. Facebook for me is all about the Candy Crush. 🙂


  8. Jewels says:

    I’ve been having trouble with some sort of lag on my typepad lately, it’s really annoying and a bother to have to proofread EVERYTHING!
    I’ve taken a bit of a break from social media lately, it’s such a time thief. I has gots things ta do! 😉
    I too have found valid comments in my spam here on my blog (from regular commenters), it’s weird. Gremlins…


  9. Sherry says:

    I disabled my touchpad and still use a mouse…it’s just so must faster for me, but of course doesn’t make me very portable. such is life…I gotta go check my spam folder…undoubtedly I won a million dollars in the sweepstakes and am yet unaware…


  10. Sherry says:

    ps…I don’t know what Fn F5 is…well, I do know what F5 is since I can see that…but I don’t see any Fn……the electronic age is leaving me behind!


  11. Snoring Dog Studio says:

    My social media troubles disappeared when I deleted my FB and Twitter accounts. What a relief to be free of the nagging thought that my life is so damn dull.


  12. Ralph says:

    I had disabled my touch pad as soon as I bought this laptop. I’m a mouse man in more ways than one 😉 ❤

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  13. pambrittain says:

    I’m with Ralph.


  14. ivyon says:

    I think we all got this problems… It just comes with technology. 😀 I don’t know how but I learned to type without messing with the touchpad (maybe coz I’m left-handed? I don’t know) The thing about balancing everything and blog – I get it. 🙂
    I also like your blog and topics you post about. I haven’t read many but I do plan to. 🙂


  15. words4jp says:

    You so crack me up – and I truly miss your writing when I have been away – fortunately my social media is WP and Tumblr, which get overwhelming at times – thus, practically the entire summer. I will say this – I HATE AUTO CORRECT! It is like a phone/pad demon. It lives and breathes to make me look stupid:)


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