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WordPress lists blogs you might like based on posts and bloggers you’ve liked previously. Twitter suggests people you should follow based on who you already follow. Netflix suggests movies based on what you’ve liked, which is great, unless your kids use Netflix more than you do, because the chance that any adult home alone on a rainy day would chose to watch Caillou is none. Goodreads does the same. Pinterest emails you to tell you what’s popular right now. Amazon shows you what other people looked at when they looked at what you’re lookin at, just in case you’re missin out, plus related products. Facebook suggests everything and everyone all the time.

By far, I think Facebook’s suggestions are the funniest, because on Facebook, everything is data. Every word you type and everything you click leads to more suggestions.
You liked that one article on colic, so clearly you would like to read every article about babies, right?
Facebook wants to send you to the beds of hot singles in your area, and to college, and on a 6-day cruise, because you wrote somethin vague about lonely scholars on a schooner. Facebook doesn’t know you’re married, or that you have no interest in earning another teaching license, and that you’re terrified of sea monsters. It only knows the antidote for lonely scholars on schooners. When you really think about it, Facebook is actually trying to make you happy, like any clueless but well-meaning friend.
Speaking of, whether you have 150 friends or 15000 friends, Facebook insists you can never have enough friends, and furthermore, Facebook has a knack for suggesting the people you most want to avoid.


Just because you’re 40 years old doesn’t mean you won’t cave to peer pressure, either. “True and 12 other friends like Crochet.” DON’T YOU WANT TO LIKE IT, TOO?!?
“Beefy and Orb are reading Hell House,” DON’T YOU WANT TO READ IT, TOO?!?
So then you just know Pride and Prejudice is bein suggested to Beefy and Orb, and that all of your friends are probably bein told what you like, and they’re makin the same scrunched-up face you make each time it’s suggested you might like somethin you’re absolutely certain you will never like.

mmm, tacos! :P

mmm, tacos! 😛

Somehow, my media knows I’m a mom. From my own marketing research, as a target, of course, I’ve concluded that all moms love Jesus, recipes that involve cutting foods into adorable shapes, darling diaper covers, and helpful parenting tips & tricks. Strangely, the moms I know are more into constant prayer to any deity who will listen, getting their kids to eat the food, despite it being shaped as said deity shaped it, crock pot meals, free anything, diapers that don’t leak, and helpful relatives who will take the children away…

Also, my name is Joey, so when I’m not being asked to pin Ten Easy Projects I Can Do While Nursing Hands-Free, my accounts are chockablock full of ads about erectile dysfunction meds and cute chicks who can’t wait to hook up with me.

my youngest is 10, so no i'm not nursing, but i did share an article about nursing...

my youngest is 10, so no i’m not nursing, but i did share an article about nursing…

The coupons dispensed after my grocery purchase tell the story of a woman who buys a lot of dairy products. That’s good marketing.
When I try to order a lipstick that’s no longer available, I like being offered similar choices. That’s good marketing.
When I’m buying a vacuum cleaner and they think I might also like a leather chair, that’s bad marketing.

I’ve accepted that I like a lot of things, and I’m open to a few suggestions, but people are better than bots. Sometimes I even do this old school thing where I say to my friends, “Lemme know if you like it!”

I have eyes and ears which are pretty good sources for what I might like to read, watch, cook, or purchase. Which is why, after not finding Gone Girl in the library the last four times we went, I went to Barnes & Noble to buy it. Imagine my surprise when the receipt included books I might like to read, based on the book I had just purchased.

It’s everywhere now.
May I recommend laughter?


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19 Responses to You Might Like Marketing

  1. Dan Antion says:

    I liked this and I say that even if it results in ten more suggestions from WordPress. Personally, I’ve always found the “Joey thinks your post was pretty awesome” to be a bit over-the-top, but it does make me feel good enough to usually click on at least one of the enclosed links. The best part of marketing is when you buy something like a lawn mower or a new TV and then they send you coupons for 10% off a lawn mower or a new TV.

    And, you are absolutely right about Facebook dredging up former friends, ex spouses, old bosses and relatives I have no desire to see again, as suggestions. It’s like they’re messing with me.

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  2. Sammy D. says:

    Is it any wonder we’re becoming utterly didmissive to the point of intolerance when we have so many chances to belong with “likes”?

    facebook – wish I’d never joined, but resolved most chatter by ‘unfollowing’ almost everyone I friended and not posting anything in my timeline.

    As for finding great bloggers, i haven’t been impressed with WordPress’s ‘try this’ recommendations. I find bloggers by reading comments on blogs I follow – which is how I found you, Joey! And today I found another interesting blogger commenter on Maggie’s blog to follow.

    Great writing, Joey 🙂

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  3. So true. Soon the machines will think for us all.

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  4. Carrie Rubin says:

    I’ve decided I will never, ever understand FB. People have told me that based on liking my author page, they get a “You might like” link to a woman’s page who is freely vulgar and dresses scantily. How is that similar to my occasional posts about writing and health? Nothing against her–I’m sure her page is great fun–but given the only picture of me on my FB is a JC Penney’s headshot, I’m thinking we don’t have a lot in common in terms of page postings. Um, yeah, good one Facebook.

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  5. meandcoffeefairy says:

    Add every store wants you to have their card to get a discount or sales prices, plus a sample of blood too, geez.


  6. Sherry says:

    Yep every time I go to Amazon and look up a product and then comparative shop, I find the item popping up on other websites…And if I got to Overstock the same thing happens. And on and on…at least FB has a “don’t show me this ad” …though then they want to know why…why is exactly none of your biz dopes..I never realized you were subject to both male and female ads….that makes it tough…mostly advertising is a good reason to find another product…I hate it mostly all…


  7. JUST when I’m about to swear off FB, something comes along to make me glad I stayed. It’s a dysfunctional relationship, no question. But this last round has me back in it’s grips full bore since I’m volunteering as social media coordinator with the Women’s Institute. It’s all about liking and sharing and recipes. So, I’m stuck with it for the moment.

    But I hate FB and it’s snap judgements. Last provincial election I accidentally clicked on a link about a news story featuring the candidate I did not like. No way, no how. You can of course guess who’s smiling face graced my FB page for the entire duration of the campaign. Urgh.


  8. The only time I really find the “you might like” thing useful is on Netflix, when I’ve enjoyed a movie and want something along the same lines. I like obscure flicks and I’ve found a lot of gems this way. Of course, there is the occasional flop as well. All part of the fun!


  9. so so true. netflix has some odd recs for me.


  10. suzjones says:

    Agreed. And Agreed.
    I love your incredibly funny take on the modern world today my dear. 🙂

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  11. pambrittain says:

    I think I’ll just stay here.


  12. Phil Taylor says:

    Based on this blog I think you must like suggestions, so I’ll send you more

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