Sometimes, Joy Makes Us Wait

A lot of people were overwrought with holiday schedules and festivities two weeks ago, but ours was just now. We’re a busy, sometimes over-scheduled clan. We only just recently had the big family dinner and gift exchange. In a way, it’s a lot more convenient. We have a later deadline to plan and shop. We experience fewer crowds, less traffic, and better sales. By the time we’re all together, we’ve had the high of our immediate family celebrations, then the lull that follows, and then we are once again rested up enough to give the best of ourselves.

A day spent at The Palace of Rules means beauty and generosity and well, a bit of formality.
My favorite gift this year was a third-generation heirloom. Can you say wow?
MIL also made my favorite meal she cooks. It’s worthy of its own post, and I’ll give it one someday.
But there was this other thing…this small, but incredibly thoughtful gesture…
Years ago, my MIL gave me this well-worn oversized pink top she didn’t want anymore. She couldn’t believe I wanted it, but I am a total sucker for soft clothes. I wore it until it was threadbare, and sorta obscene, then I reluctantly pitched it.
She gifted me a new oversized pink top. I almost cried, I was so touched.
I love the little things that bring big joy, don’t you?

Time with my loved ones is better than any earthly gift.
It doesn’t take a lot to make me happy, but I so love my table full of family. Let me cook and cook and bake. Let’s laugh and tease and play games and laugh some more. Let us be silly. Let’s laugh and smile until our cheeks and bellies ache. Let’s hug and kiss and tickle and chase until we are exhausted of joy. Let’s wear our new pajamas while we toast the new year. Let us stay up late, and reconnect with long, detailed stories that can only be shared while our feet are tucked into blankets and our hands stroke the soft faces of sleeping children.
That’s the best stuff on earth.

As we sit down to the table, crowded with plates, I declare, “This is my happiness!”

Let my nephews stay here.
Let Simon and I puter, music, and cold coffee all day. Let Moo and Ace play together until they’re as sick of one another as two kids can be, until it’s time to go, when sad goodbyes are said, until we’re all together again.
Let our living room throw up quilts, cords, toys, cookie crumbs, and half-empty cups — It’s such a short and sweet time.
Soon enough it will be time to shampoo the upholstery, clean out the fridge, and wash all the extra linens.
Simon’s sleeping bag and Ace’s sheets lie in wait for their makeshift beds.
Life is fuller when we are all together.

A contact high. But from love.

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18 Responses to Sometimes, Joy Makes Us Wait

  1. words4jp says:

    My family consists of two two-legged creatures and one three-legged creature. And let me say it has been the most wonderful and entertaining time havibg them all together. Pee just smiles and stares at them. I am constantly laughing. Yes, they make a mess and i am cooking a ton and cleaning alot but it doesnt matter. Last night we had our annual Christmas Vacation viewing. We recite allll the lines. Peyton snd i cooked today – Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese. They stay up late and sleep in late. We have worn pj’s two days in a row. Hmmmm – aint life grand??? xxxxx

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  2. mewhoami says:

    I love how you explain your time together. It all sounds so cozy. Time with loved ones is by far the greatest gift of all.

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  3. Dan Antion says:

    It sounds like a crazy good time. I am glad to know that you appreciate the little things, although, from your previous posts, that doesn’t surprise me. Happy New Year. When you hear the vacuum suck up something clunky hard, it was probably a piece of candy, not someone’s wedding ring.


    • Oh no! Did someone suck up a wedding ring?!? I would gladly sift through vacuum debris for a wedding ring!
      The Mister misplaced his for nearly a month. He knew it was in our vehicle, since he took it off to do something in the engine, but he couldn’t find it. Finally, it turned up last week, rattling in the bottom of a tissue box he was carrying to the trash! :O

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  4. menomama3 says:

    Can I come to your house? It sounds so lovely!

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  5. LindaGHill says:

    Precious precious times. Thank you for sharing the warmth of your holiday, Joey. 🙂

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  6. cardamone5 says:

    Family rocks. Staying in pjs all day rocks. Thoughtful gifts, both given and received, rock. Kids rock. The whole thing just rocks! Thanks for this post. Lovely.


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  7. Sherry says:

    it was a good one all around. We’re busy removing all the evidences of another great holiday. Sounds like you have a great one too. And onward we go…Tomorrow things will be “back to normal” and that’s okay too.

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  8. Jewels says:

    Sounds lovely and warms my heart, just precious Joey, thank you for sharing. ❤

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  9. Sammy D. says:

    Joey, aren’t we blessed?!? You described it all so perfectly, although I suspect there are many not fortunate enough to belong to this kind of ‘comfy’ family. I do cherish my own and am happy for you – me thinks YOU have a lot to do with creating that loving camaraderie (and pj’s help!)

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  10. suzjones says:

    That sounds absolutely delightful Joey. Blessings to you and yours for this year.

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  11. Carrie Rubin says:

    “Life is fuller when we are all together.”—Oh, yes, so well said. I had family visit over the holidays as well. The fun of having everyone together under one roof trumps the extra work involved, and cooking is much more fun when you have appreciative people there to enjoy the meals. Plus, sipping cocktails while prepping the meals makes things even more fun. 🙂

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