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The Doors (and not the groovy kind)

Some of my fellow bloggers post pictures of beautiful or interesting doors on Thursdays. I’m over here writin about door fail on a Tuesday. Home improvement bloggers are all, “It’s such a relief to have changed all my doorknobs to oil-rubbed … Continue reading

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A Mother’s Love — Spread the Love Challenge

It’s not that I do not write poetry, it’s that I do not share my poetry. I don’t write it for anyone, but today I did, per my assignment from Prajatka, at An Armchair Perfectionist, who challenged me to Spread the … Continue reading

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Not As Bad As I Used to Be

I’ve been…introverting. Or avoidant. Or busy. Whatever. I’ve been extremely productive at my house. I’ve been fairly productive with my novel. I’ve been adequately productive with my yard. I’ve been exercising more. But what I’ve really been doin well is … Continue reading

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One-Liner Wednesday — Couples Lunch

At 10:40 we all agreed to meet for lunch in one hour. At 11:40 we arrived at the restaurant, and called to ask where they were. They said, “We’re still at home. It hasn’t even been an hour yet!” One-Liner … Continue reading

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We Don’t Need No Thought Control

Originally posted on A Buick in the Land of Lexus:
? Our kids are in CRISIS. I work with teenagers in an affluent suburban area. They don’t comprehend what they read. They use calculators to multiply 10 x 10. The…

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One-Liner Wednesday — Okay Then

I said to Moo, “It’s time for your friends to go home. You’re comin with me.” Moo said to her friends, “My mama wants you to leave now.” One-Liner Wednesdays are brought to you by LindaGHill

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Docent She Know?

I volunteered to chaperon Moo’s field trip to the Indianapolis Museum of Art today. As I’ve written before, Moo is frequently an errant child, so I do try to accompany her on excursions where other adults might not expect to … Continue reading

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Happiness Recovery

As few of you know The Boy, Bubba, our son, has been in town for a little over a week. We also had our nephew for most of that time. Then, because we had Bubba and Simon, we also had some other … Continue reading

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I Swallow my Tough Pills Nervously

My readership drops when I post awards. I don’t mind. If I cared about readership, I’d need to do all sorts of things that aren’t authentic to me. Like almost swearing — dam that $h!t is lame. People who never swear … Continue reading

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Creative Blog Award

Megan of Megan Has OCD nominated me for The Creative Bloggers Award. I am always honored to get nominated for awards, and I appreciate Megan thinking of me. Thank you, Megan! I absolutely agree with Megan that all bloggers are … Continue reading

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