A is for Anything I Want

Last year’s A-Z was such a pleasure, because I wrote each letter as it occurred to me. Mostly I wrote about my favorite things, like yellow, and umbrellas. According to my search terms, everyone loved Pretty Pussy Cats Perching *achem* yes, yes, or parts thereof. I wrote all about anxiety, and I think that post must have been helpful, because it’s still read often.

This year I thought about a culinary theme, but I didn’t want to write a post about xanthan gum. I thought about a travel theme, but I’ve never been to Zimbabwe. I considered lifestyle, but then I didn’t think I even had twenty-six things to say about lifestyle. So I went with what I do best, personally, which is wing it as I please.

Join me as I plunge ill-prepared into Anything I Want.

Anything I Want today is everything, all the time, forever, which is what I said to The Mister when he asked me what I expected from our marriage.

The Mister always did ask me the worst questions, like “Where do you see this relationship going?” I will follow you to the ends of the earth.
And so I did.

He still asks terrible questions now, like “Where would you like to go eat?” I would like to have eaten at three places we’ve long since passed, so now I’d like to go where they have cocktails the size of my head.
And so we did.

Does this cocktail look like Anything You Want?

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22 Responses to A is for Anything I Want

  1. Carrie Rubin says:

    Change it to a beer in a frosty mug, and it will be exactly what I want. Well, on Friday night, anyway.

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  2. Veronica says:

    Looks like my kind of drink! 😉

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  3. Dan Antion says:

    I hate that feeling when you realize that the place you really want to go is off the exit you passed before thinking you were hungry. I’m in for the month, anywhere you want to go.

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  4. LindaGHill says:

    Holy crap my mouth is watering! I’ll plunge into that one. 😀

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  5. momaloft says:

    Absolutely! 🙂 I’m winging it too. The A-Z Challenge, that is. And life.

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  6. I am always winging it as well with my posts. I am looking forward to this month, should be fuin!

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  7. I was sure it was some form of “sweet tea”.

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  8. Ellen Hawley says:

    We-e-ell, I wouldn’t drink it, but I might swim in it.

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  9. herheadache says:

    All and all I love your anything topic.

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  10. Sammy D. says:

    I didn’t have the pleasure of going anywhere with you last A to Z, but count me in for a month of Anythings. Glad you started by giving me a giant cocktail.

    Wait, what?

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  11. Oh, this is going to be an interesting month….

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  12. markbialczak says:

    If I drank that B would stand for the Big White School Bus, Joey. Lost my stomach for that type of sweet mixed drink. Besides, diabetes … Mug o’ light beer, glass of cabernet sauvignon, I’m in. Hey, I’m psyched to be on board for your alphabet of desires, my friend. 🙂

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  13. Prajakta says:

    Looks like tee 😐 More of a coffee person 😀 Put in some Bailey’s and I am your girl! Good luck Joey…

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  14. This seems to be the month for anything goes. I’ve done it and have visited several blogs already with that theme. Let’s do it! We don’t need a theme. And I love your top of the mind posts already.

    2015 A to Z Blogger
    Visions of Other Worlds

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  15. I adore the travel theme – wish I had thought of it! I have actually been to ZImbabwe 🙂 (but is there even a country that begins with an X?)
    I am also pretty much blogging about ANYTHING that pops into my head.
    Please order me a glass of that cocktail – I will join you shortly! LOL!

    Looking forward to reading your blog challenges!

    Love Chantelle

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  16. I love your brainstorming about this challenge, Joey. I have also some trouble with some letters! Thank you for your visits to my small blog.

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