De Bunnehs & De Baskets — Letter D

Mr and Mrs Bunneh had a romantic, fluorescent-lit dinner at the place of the best homophobic chicken sammiches ever. As Mr Bunneh put all of his pickles on Mrs Bunneh’s sammich, and tore open her ketchup packet, she blushed at his chivalry.

Since Mr and Mrs Bunneh were alone, they admired the little bunnehs of others. Mrs Bunneh looked at the screaming kits in the playland and smiled smugly about how she no longer carries kit socks in her purse. She dipped a waffle fry in her ketchup and felt glad that not a single Bunneh was now 54″ or shorter and would evermore be too tall to play in the playland.
Catching sight of a kit in electric blue and neon green Ray-Bans, Mrs Bunneh paused to compliment his taste and then asked Mr Bunneh, “Don’t you think Moo would look good in those glasses? In raspberry and neon orange or somethin?” Mr Bunneh agreed.
“AW! Look her wellies!” squeed Mrs Bunneh, when she saw a tiny kit in light up rain boots!
“Too cute,” chuckled Mr Bunneh.

Mrs Bunneh asked Mr Bunneh to drive around Glendale to capture photos for Grandma Bunneh, but that made Mr Bunneh’s fur stand upright with ire, so Mrs Bunneh did her level best to snap photos as they left, grumbling ever-so-snidely, “I tolerate Jesus shit and rifle through the woodpile of The Back 40 looking for the perfect sticks for your mother, but whatever, my mother asks you to join her in drinking the occasional Bahama Mama, poor guy.”

Mr and Mrs Bunneh donated a box to the Goodwill, and hopped off to Target to collect all the bunneh basket fings.

Having begun motherhood with two kits, Mrs Bunneh is a frugal occasion shopper who enjoys buying items specific to each kit. While she admits that occasion shopping is costly when one has a single kit, most of her occasion shopping has been done for four kits, and so she still carefully assesses each purchase to make the most of things.

Mr Bunneh, high on the thrill of chocolateeverything hurled one confection after another into the cart, shouting with glee, “One for me and two for them and one for you and two for me!” And when asked his opinion on chocolate bunnehs, did say something about buying Reester bunnehs for the kits, and then hoarding all the Reese’s eggs. When Mrs Bunneh reached for the Cadbury mini eggs, Mr Bunneh said he already got those, “SEE?!?”
And Mrs Bunneh did see. That he had been collecting enough candy to satisfy all the kits on the block. As Mrs Bunneh put the Cadbury creme eggs into the cart, she spotted another box of Cadbury creme eggs already in there, so she began to put hers back, but Mr Bunneh shouted, “No! Leave it! Now we can all have two!” The twinkle in his eye both delighted and scared Mrs Bunneh.

Mrs Bunneh enjoys a bit of chocolate as much as the next bunneh, but she is not, at any time in the foreseeable future, going to consume three peanut butter eggs, a quarter pound of mini eggs, ten mini peanut butter cups, and two creme eggs. Mrs Bunneh could puke thinkin about it, really.

Mrs Bunneh prefers her empty calories come in the form of Coca-Cola and ice cream, which is why de Bunnehs went to DQ, and for the first time since they were teenagers, went inside to order. De Bunnehs noted that the DQ looks nothing like it did in 1989, but now it has wi-fi, so Mrs Bunneh commented that she could work on her novel there, and be lifted out via crane when it’s completed. Mrs Bunneh is certain that Hawaiian Blizzards, blue slushies, and hot fudge sundaes are all inspirational and that they would keep her cool through the entire summer.
Mr Bunneh merely said, “Mmhm.”

my mother made these baskets.  no no, i put the stuff in, she literally wove the baskets.

my mother made these baskets.
no no, i put the stuff in, she literally wove the baskets.

Our kits are officially rotten now, and there’s a ton of candy NOT IN DE BASKETS! What do de bunnehs get up to at your house?

This post is both A-Z for April & SOCS for LindaGHill

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16 Responses to De Bunnehs & De Baskets — Letter D

  1. jetgirlcos says:

    De baskets are awesome!!! Chocolate being a given, I love that you have put BOOKS in there 🙂 I don’t have any bunnehs at my house, so we have to eat all the chocolate by ourselves. Darn.

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  2. Anxious Mom says:

    Cute baskets! Now, about getting my hands on some of that chocolate… 😛

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  3. Luanne says:

    Yum, I want to live in Mr. Bunneh’s house!

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  4. Sammy D. says:

    Dear Ms. Bunneh,

    You Deserve another Creative De-Blogger Award for this charming tale. So very clever.

    It’s De-Best I’ve read 😋

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  5. Dan Antion says:

    Well done! Beautiful baskets, but not nearly enough Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs. Three? I can eat three while admiring the basket. And, just so you know, Reese’s reuses the egg mold in the fall and packages them as “footballs” – just as good.

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  6. April says:

    I love de baskets—so much more meaningful. My sisters and I had a bag with our names stitched on them we used for trick-or-treating. I still have mine and it’s in pretty good shape because I got all piggy and started using pillow cases. My bunnehs have all hopped away. I’m not even cooking a big dinner because the oldest bunneh wanted to bring ex-girlfriend to dinner–which ruins dinner. Why is he so nice and continues to be her friend?

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    • LOL I don’t know. Have you asked oldest bunneh? I saw cards yesterday for “My Ex Daughter-in-Law, so you know, it could be worse.
      That’s neat about the trick-or-treat bag. My mother made them tiny bags like that when they were tiny. Now they hold Nerf darts — they’re way too small for big, greedy kids!

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  7. Oooh those baskets are adorable! what wonderful goodies they have in there as well. You have some very lucky little kits! Happy Easter to you all. 🙂


  8. LindaGHill says:

    I coulda so helped you with those peanut butter cups. ‘Coz that’s what friends are for. 😉

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