Q is for Qualified

In last year’s X post, I mentioned that I failed playing every instrument after the recorder, and how The Mister is musically adept. I mentioned it again when I wrote a post about Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences.

Tonight, Sassy has a thing, where she goes to school and demonstrates her choice of instrument and sings her scales to see where to place her in next year’s music programs. There will be instrument reps there, as well. She’ll be playing cello and I think she’s an alto. That is the sum of my knowledge.

The Mister is better qualified.

I said to The Mister, “I guess you go in at any point during the fing and they spend 30-45 minutes in a getting-to-know-you sorta way with the musics? Then you can talka the people who provide the instruments about buying or renting or whatever. I’m not opposed to taking her. I will take her. But it’s occurred to me that you might be the best man for the job.”
He agreed, which is good, because I also think her boisterous, confident father probably brings a different dynamic than her nervous mother.

I’m moved emotionally by music.
I mean, I cry a lot at music.
Anywhere, at any time.
Particularly instrumentals, which I believe are supposed to be evocative?
I am a total sap.
I cry at concerts, at musicals, and sometimes at movies, as though the director has said, “Cue the Weeping Joey Music. Annnd check!”
When kids, especially my kids, are involved, I can’t even get through a single song. Even somethin happy. “Oh they’re so precious!” *wipes tears*blows nose*
It’s mildly embarrassing to be so easily provoked. I check out the rest of the audience after, so many unmoved. I assume they don’t feel the music the way I do. Or they’re soulless. Whatever.

So I’m not qualified to stand beside my child as she slides a bow across a cello. Instant feelings and memories will smack me in the face. *wail*
“Oh Sassy, that is so beautiful,” *sob*sniffle*snot*gasp* “You are so incredibly talented and I am so proud to you!” *howl*weep*collapse*

That is what NOT to do to your adolescent child.

Anyone else suffer similarly?

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34 Responses to Q is for Qualified

  1. Jewels says:

    Yep… I cry at the drop of a hat at music. It’s a bother sometimes, but I love being moved and refuse to be embarrassed. I LOL’d @ “Or they’re soulless. Whatever.”
    Thanks for always making me laugh Joey! 😀

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  2. meANXIETYme says:

    I think I’m soulless. I don’t cry at music and I’m rarely “moved” by it. I have a black, bottomless soul. Or, I just don’t LISTEN to music that way? I’m not sure.
    But then again, I don’t get all the feels from ANY art like that. So maybe I really am soulless. 🙂

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    • I know. I remember reading about what I felt like was an aversion to music in one of your posts, and it was so hard for me to relate! I was like, “but the music…” and you were like, “really, no.” lol
      Your soul can’t be black. I like it too much!

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      • meANXIETYme says:

        I don’t have an “aversion” to music. I LOVE music and I love listening to it. I love singing to it. I love the company it gives me. And I love movie musicals (and musical theater)…I’m one of those toads that always sings along and tries to ruin it for everyone else.
        I just don’t get ALL THE FEELS from the music. I can say what I do and don’t like about different musical genres (I’m good with MOST of them with a couple of exceptions), but sadly, no crying and no emotional roller coasters, etc.
        So maybe my soul is only partially black. I have a gray soul…that must be it. LOL

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  3. My daughter had started a brand new school for her final year at primary school, so there were only 11 kids in year 5 & 6 in total. They did a little play for the parents looking back over their year and all of the highlights. When they sang ‘All of Me Loves All Of You’ that was it!! I had tears pouring down my face, a snotty nose (no tissues) and blubbed through everything else as well after that!

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  4. Carrie Rubin says:

    “When kids, especially my kids, are involved, I can’t even get through a single song.”—Yes, same here. And considering I’m such a stoic in other situations, it’s quite embarrassing. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t even sound good. If my baby’s up there, my tear ducts wake up, and I have to bite down really hard and hope the waterworks stay away. Sometimes I succeed. Sometimes I don’t.

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  5. Norm 2.0 says:

    Yeah, I’ll admit it too. Some pieces just strike an emotional nerve, lord knows why. Cello music is the most common culprit for me, but some pop songs too.

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  6. Dan Antion says:

    Occasionally, I am emotionally moved by music. Mostly I’m that soulless (your word, not mine) guy in the midst of a sea of tears. Oh well, I do appreciate music and fine art and I’m totally proud and amazed by the things my daughter has created, but usually without tears.

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  7. Oh yes. Singing, dancing, any musical instrument…I’m welling up, tearing up, womanfully hiccuping and sniffling. Daughter has said I am banned from her wedding 😀

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  8. cardamone5 says:

    Music affects me too, although not as much as you (that’s OK.) I also find that when my children and I or my husband and I share an affinity for a particular song or band, there is a sense of unparalleled unity that moves me deeply. My husband is a music fanatic (knowledge, can play anything, remembers everything, etc.) I rely on him for my music, and he never steers me wrong.


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  9. Luanne says:

    Yes, hubby takes her! That’s a vote. I bet you don’t give yourself enough credit about knowing music–you just don’t want to be nervous for Sassy or for her to pick up your nervous vibes?

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    • It really is more of my faith in his ability than my worry over nerves, but I really do think she’ll behave differently with him there instead of me 🙂
      Kinda like how he takes them to get shots. They don’t cry when HE takes them.


  10. I do suffer from the same affliction, Joey. Two of my kids are musically inclined. Neither my husband nor I ever played an instrument. But we both love music. He doesn’t cry, however, when music is on. I don’t cry often, but music gets my heart. Even a corny movie with a great soundtrack will do it. Of course I’ve been to countless concerts for my kids (piano, saxophone and percussions) and to their great embarrassement I can cry even when my son bangs on the drumset. I think that music talks to us in the way words never do. I am also moved by the people who can together produce something so unique as sounds. When my kids play with other musicians I love to watch the symphony playing between all of them. You see? I become lyrical and emotional. Great, great post, Joey. Enjoy the music tonight!

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  11. orbthefirst says:

    Yep. All the time. And not just with music, sometimes its just certain kinds of sounds that I choke on. Im told its called AMSR (autonomous sensory meridian response,) but I dont know..Maybe Im just a wreck. 😛


  12. baldjake70 says:

    I hate bad music. I am not one to be moved by a poor performance simply because my child was contributing to the death of music as I know it. That being said, we all sounded horrible in the beginning until someone came along and molded us to become better. I sat through one of Sissy’s performances and realized that most people do not appreciate music done well. I know we have to start somewhere, and I did not sound like Louis Armstrong the first time I picked up a trumpet, but let us not kid ourselves into thinking all will be destined for greatness.

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  13. LindaGHill says:

    Yep, certain pieces of music bring me to tears. I went all the way to Japan for one of them. 🙂

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  14. markbialczak says:

    Well, yes, in all meanings of the word, Joey. I am that guy tearing up at the well-chosen soundtrack cues for TV shows and movies. At my daughter’s band concerts, I glistened. Fortunately, the marching band did not affect me that way!

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  15. Nagzilla says:

    I think I’ve found my soul sister. Jason and Andrea are constantly making fun of me because the weirdest music can make me cry for no good goddamn reason. Remember “High School Musical”? The song at the end, “We’re All in This Together”? Yeah, blubbering mess. “Stars and Stripes Forever” will get me too, especially when the piccolo part starts. I have no idea why, and I’ve often wondered if there’s some magic note combination that vibrates a certain way and causes an upper respiratory response, because I can’t predict what will do it. But if it moves me, it generally moves me to tears.

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