Christmas Postathon — Day 2

Some time ago, Sassy chose her cello and Moo spent several days obsessing about what instrument she’d choose.

(For those of you unaware, certain stereotyping of matching people to their instruments is a real thing. For instance, The Mister is a trumpet. I could say he plays trumpet, but he’s a trumpet. You’ll forgive my use of these stereotypes.)

For Moo, the first thing that came to mind was percussion, because Moo’s personality definitely goes with banging things, and she’s already had some experience with xylophones, which is nice. But then, she’s also played the recorder for three years as well. Strings weren’t altogether out of the question, either, although I said she probably wasn’t romantic enough for the violin. Some people suggested she begin with a keyboard, and we agreed that sounded good, so Moo has been playing keyboard for a coupla months now.

Not too long ago, I was doing dishes and I heard one of Mozart’s piano pieces coming from the back hallway. Not perfect, mind you, but good enough for me to know the tune. I turned the water off and slowly crept down the back hall. I thought omg, she’s a freakin prodigy, we should just let her play anything and everything she wants! 
No, she had it set on the thing where the lights lead you through the notes in the melody and the computer plays the harmony. Ah. Okies. Still, she played along well, especially for being slightly embarrassed.

Then, last week, I heard the music from the beginner’s book for cello start up again, and when I went to see what that was all about, Moo was playing Sassy’s cello!
Within hours, Moo had finished the beginner’s book in pizzicato and I walked into this:


sassy bowing while moo holds notes

Not an hour later, I was in the shower when I heard “Ode to Joy.” I shouted out, “What is going on?!?” No one answered me. I heard more instruments than a cello…
When I got out of the shower I found out Moo had played it on the keyboard while Sassy played it on the cello and Moo refused to give me a encore performance.
Some other day, I’ll tell you about Moo’s previous Beethoven experience.

“Ode to Joy” or “Joyful Joyful” or Beethoven’s Symphony #9 is my favorite Christmas song to sing.

I spent a lot of time searching for exactly the right video to post, and decided since this one moved me to tears the fastest, it was the right one.
Don’t say I didn’t warn you. (Or, I’m just sappy like that.)

Do you love it? What’s your favorite Christmas song to sing along to?

This post is part of Nancy’s Christmas Postathon.

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41 Responses to Christmas Postathon — Day 2

  1. Benson says:

    Oh yes that is one of my favorite tunes as well and this video is the best representation of the tune made. Not only does it show the music makers it shows the Joy of the listeners. I like the Bach passions as well. I am a closet “Classical” music snob. Or used to be. I haven’t a musical skill anywhere in my body so I really admire those who do. Especially the young. Mazel Tov

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  2. orbthefirst says:

    Tried thinking of a X-mas song I enjoy and the closest I came up with was Toccata and Fugue in D Minor. Love that. 😛

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  3. Chills!! Orchestra flash mob – awesome. Love the children dancing and smiling – music is so powerful.

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  4. Carrie Rubin says:

    How lovely to hear your daughters making music together. That would warm the heart, no doubt.

    Great video choice. I’m not sure about my favorite Christmas song, but I’ve always loved Silver Bells. In fact, I’m humming it now.

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  5. jan says:

    I love the flashmob rendition of Ode to Joy. Many years ago I spent a Christmas in Worms Germany and everywhere I went they were playing that song. It was fantastic!

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  6. Dan Antion says:

    I love that video – great choice. Keep encouraging that little flashmob you have under your roof.

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  7. Norm 2.0 says:

    It’s just terrific that you’re encouraging them to make music. I so wish I had the chance when I was a kid; they probably don’t realize how lucky they are now but they will eventually 🙂
    I never thought of Beethoven’s 9th as a Christmas piece, but it is powerful enough that it does put a lump in my throat every time I hear it.
    The Halleluiah Chorus from Handel’s Messiah is another one that does that to me, and I’m not even religious – just shows the power of music I guess.
    Great post!

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    • joey says:

      Thanks, Norm, I think so too.
      The end of the 4th movement is what’s commonly sung as “Joyful Joyful” at Christmas. Handel’s Messiah kills me, too. (And I’m not religious either!) It’s so moving!

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  8. kirizar says:

    What struck me about this was, you could leave the room and the music just happened on its own. You have organically musical children. I have to bribe my child to practice. If he ever learns to play piano, count his cavities. That’s how much candy it took.

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    • joey says:

      Eldest daughter’s the only one who doesn’t play something. There was no way to grow up here without music appreciation, they’ve all been enthusiastic about music, but any natural talent is all their father!
      Also, LOL @counting cavities!

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  9. Oh I LOVE that video, and you must be proud to have such talented children too 🙂

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  10. Anxious Mom says:

    Nice! I’m a fan of the O Holy Night medley. Especially a certain long-haired band’s version 😉

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  11. Sherry says:

    I played the clarinet for a hot minute. Then I got braces and it was thought incompatible with trying to get my teeth to move back instead of jutting forth like a squirrel…lol…there went a promising musical career…I think the braces ruined my voice as well…Yes, quite possibly…

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  12. JoHanna Massey says:

    A wonderful post about one of my favorite musical pieces.

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  13. markbialczak says:

    It’s fantastic that Moo and Sassy are taking up the music TOGETHER, too, Joey. Way cool.

    You can’t go wrong with any ‘Ode to Joy,’ ever. I’m a big fan of any Trans-Siberian Orchestra carol song, but without the flashing house lights video stuff of which people like to make it the cherry on top.

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  14. Sounds great to musically inclined children, my husband is the one who plays music in the family.
    My favorite Christmas music as to be “A Charlie Brown Christmas” by Vince Guaraldi Trio, the whole album, I just love it!

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  15. Nancy says:

    Breathtaking! I loved the faces of the people in the crowd, especially the children. Thanks so much for sharing.

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  16. reocochran says:

    Ues, I got tears of joy and somehow mixed in with the shootings in California, I cried fit those who won’t hear Christmas songs (here on Earth, at least) or be with their family. Sorry, Joey, the song was beautiful. I love Leonard Cohen, “Alleluia.” A boy on the Voice sang it last night.
    Tonight, went to see Micah, age 6, in his holiday program. Skyler, Carrie and I were very pleased at his ability to move, use big smiles and be winderful, joey. Sky plays the bass, which he can play a beat on it by thumping, I really think he has an “ear” while Micah has the personality of a singer. Take care! ♡

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  17. reocochran says:

    Joey, I really was smiling at your ninja sneak attempts to hear the music Moo was making! 🙂
    Sassy is a great example for Moo. I like how they are combining their talents, too. Hugs for music, Christmas Joy and our holding our family members close and silent gratitude for safe places, always. Guardian angels or good kharma,. . .

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  18. That was a spectacular piece of art. I’m sitting here enjoying my coffee and then I play this video and the water works start up. Love this. I’m going to play this for Maureen when she gets home.

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  19. First of all, since two of my kids play music, I love what you write about that at the beginning of your post.
    Then, although I’ve never been part of a flash mob event or even seen one, I love them. This one is really neat. Doesnt hurt that they picked Ode to Joy, also a favorite of mine.
    I really like all kind of holiday music. To a certain point. When stores start to play them too early in the season, I’m tired before Christmas. But I always tune to a holiday station on the radio when I drive during the holiday season. Picking a favorite is hard, although I love Natalie Cole’s Christmas songs.

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  20. Jewels says:

    LOVED this ❤


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