Christmas Postathon — Day 18

18. Celebrating the holiday with your pets

Like, giving them presents or hanging stockings for them or whatever?

We did, the second Christmas we had our dog, give her an enormous bone.


It wasn’t as much a Christmas gift as it was a distraction, because the first Christmas we had Sadie, she apparently got a little stressed and chewed on one of Sassy’s shoes. Sadie was content to hang out in the back yard and chew on her bone all day, because well, we did live in Georgia. It was prolly 80 degrees or someshit.

Sadie occasionally enjoys chugging a hefty amount of pine, 7Up, and sap-flavored tea from the base of the tree as well.

Celebrating Christmas with our pets usually just deals with the cats. Like this meme I saw the other day.


Or the fact that I had to get up out of bed in the wee hours to confiscate a small ball ornament from Cletus the Dog Kitten. He had purloined it from the tree and was jauntily batting it all over the house, no doubt enjoying the ping-y-pong-y noises it made as he chased it. I did not enjoy the ping-y-pong-y noises one iota.
He took his revenge. I woke up this morning to discover the bow from a gift lay unraveled beneath the tree. He murdered it right nice.

Then there’s Clara, doing this every year:

Perhaps Catticus is a Scrooge. He’s never involved in any merriment.

But really, we have our celebrations and the cats have theirs.
Being part cat myself, I presume they find a great deal of joy with all the ribbon, paper, bags, and sparkly things, let alone the magical tree.

Do you do anything special with your pets during Yuletide? Sit them with Santa? Fill their stockings? Put them in ugly Christmas sweaters?

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37 Responses to Christmas Postathon — Day 18

  1. The old pit bull generally gets a squeaky toy that lasts about 20 seconds. It makes him very happy. We usually get one from the dollar store, because expensive ones aren’t any more long lived.

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  2. We get our cat a bunch of stuff, and fill her stocking with toys and treats. We don’t even bother with a real tree, because she terrorizes them. We just use a small fake one that’s out of reach lol. Crazy cat lady alert

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  3. Benson says:

    We have a little pink tree we put up for the cats. It was originally a Barbie tree,a friend got for us. All of the Barbie ornaments are gone so now the tree just has the normal balls and ice cycles. The cats don’t attack it like they used to they just chew on the branches and play with the occasional ornament they have knocked off. When it comes time to put it away we tell the cats to go find any stray balls and Puff (Brain) always manages to find a couple under the couch or under the bed. I don’t know why he just does.

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  4. I love cats…I may get one this year.

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    • joey says:

      Me too! I hope you do! I lived a short while in college and at home without one, after our cat, Trouble, died. My parents didn’t want to get another. As soon as I got my own place, the first weekend, I was calling classified ads to find a kitten of my own. She gave me 11 wonderful years. I’ve since had many, many cats in and out of my life. I really feel I can’t live without one. ❤

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      • I’ve been waiting because I want to have money set aside for vet emergencies. When my cat was so sick on the last day of her life I couldn’t afford a vet. It was very painful and I had to put her down myself. I held her as she died. It was like losing a child and I still feel guilty about it. I want to make sure that any pet I adopt will have what it needs to thrive and when necessary, to die well.

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  5. cindy knoke says:

    I think that bone is too small! 😉

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  6. The cat in the tree! That’s great. I had a kitten who did that years ago.
    I was actually going to do this prompt, but somehow I didn’t realize it was already the 18th.
    I’m in a holidaze.

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  7. Sweet. And that bone…from a dinosaur ?? Huge. ☺

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  8. Josh Wrenn says:

    Love the pie chart.

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  9. Our little guys get special treats and toys in their stockings….no Christmas sweaters. 🙂

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  11. Luanne says:

    What would Christmas be without a cat (or cats)!!! Tell me that bone is fake. Right?

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  12. So funny. Thanks for the laugh. We used to have to tie our Christmas tree to the rafters to keep the cats from pulling it over. Now we just fill them up on catnip. 🙂

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  13. Dan Antion says:

    Maddie loves to shred the wrapping paper after (and sometimes while) we unwrap the gifts. The large bone distraction is a great idea.

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  14. Nancy says:

    I’m pretty sure our cats think that we bring that tree in the house as a gift for them. Why else would the humans do something so weird, right?😊

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  15. April says:

    The dog usually gets a new bone to keep her occupied and the cats get the bows to bat around.

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  16. Timelesslady says:

    We have cats…I’ve heard that ping-ponging sound in past years, but now we have a small tabletop tree that they ignore. I have to buy them toys for Christmas. I had the bright idea to put all their toys in a ziplock bag with a fresh catnip sprig. The catnip sprig got moldy because I forgot all about it and left the bag in a cabinet for weeks,…all their toys are ruined. Moral of the story – good intentions sometimes backfire.


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  18. Judy Martin says:

    We buy Roxy a little doggie treat stocking for her to have at Christmas, and a couple of years ago got her a Christmas hat and cape to wear. She savaged it!

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  19. Anxious Mom says:

    Bilbo has a stocking hanging on the fireplace with ours, courtesy of Little Man. He also bought him a new bone. And he would’ve been in last year’s Christmas card had he sat still with LM and BG and worn his reindeer antlers, but nope.

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  20. garym6059 says:

    Your pie chart forgot to include (1) Take drink (2)refill drink, and (3) run to the liquor store to replenish your stock so you may repeat steps one and two!

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