Jotting Not a One-Liner — Homework

“Finals in Spanish tomorrow. We’re studying cognates,” Sassy said.
“Hm?” I asked with piqued interest.
“Cognates. Words that sound like the same word in other languages?”
“Ooh! Like what?”

Sassy began searching her papers.
“Yes, I see your knowledge of cognates is extensive,” I said.

Meanwhile, Moo was doing proportions with 8500-calorie ice cream, of which 1500 calories were fat. Never mind the zebra slaughter.


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27 Responses to Jotting Not a One-Liner — Homework

  1. ariacello says:

    Yeah, our math homework is weird. Don’t you miss math homework?

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  2. Cognates…I just ran across it when researching family names. Ferencz, in Hungarian, is a cognate of Francis, Franz, Frank. Just FYI…☺ Math…never ends.

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  3. Dan Antion says:

    I love math. “Cognats” whoa, I’m glad my daughter had good language skills or the good sense to ask her mother about those.

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  4. Benson says:

    Where was that homework written? South Africa?

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  5. April says:

    Interesting homework. I was wondering the same as above. I’d like to try some of that 8500 calorie ice cream.


  6. Judy Martin says:

    Blimey, I thought homework was getting harder! 🙂

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  7. Hmmm….yeah, I would’ve been too distracted by the zebra steak to actually solve the math problem. Homework has certainly gotten a lot more challenging! 🙂

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  8. orbthefirst says:

    I never liked word problems. To me they always looked something like:
    “Juan and Steve are on a train going south at 75 MPH. They are standing on opposite sides of the train that is 17 feet wide tossing a ball back and forth. If Sasha catches the ball 6 3/4ths of the time and tosses it back to Steve, what was the angular momentum of the meteorite that that flew over Siberia in the 1908?”

    Zebra sound yummy though 😛

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  9. Anxious Mom says:

    OMG those math problems. Now I want to teach math so I can come up with crazy shit like that.

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  10. The contents of that homework page are kinda horrifying. I was all like, whuuuuuu? LOL~ *shrug* I have never done well with word problems. That format was that bane of my existence as a kid. Ugh!

    “Cognates” reminded me of two words I’ve laughed about for a while now because I have both Spanish-speaking friends and Korean-speaking friends. “Odio” (Spanish) is “hate”. 어디에 (Korean) is “where” informally and is pronounced almost the exact same way. Which means I have to be damn careful or just friggin’ stick to English and not try to be all worldly. O_O

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    • joey says:

      Haha! Don’t be worldly! Hah!
      I am no good at speaking or writing anything other than English and French. I know a lot of Spanish and Italian, but I’m sure you can imagine my grasping at cognates 😉

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  11. Norm 2.0 says:

    Cognates? Had to look that one up to see a few examples; so now I done learned me something today.
    If that’s the math homework they’re doing nowadays I think I’ll stick to grown-up money homework.

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  12. Prajakta says:

    Cognates… they are new! Thanks 😀

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  13. This is funny. I read some meme on FB the other day that more or less said “math is the only place where you can go to the store and buy 60 cantaloupes and no one thinks you’re screwed up.” Definitely want to try some of that 8500 cal ice cream, gotta be delicious! I’ll pass on the zebra steaks though…

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