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I’m the kind of person who actually enjoys, and often prefers, handmade gifts. Handmade things are art. I sometimes find a new kindred spirit, and when I do, I like to know their birthday and their art.

I tend to gather artists. Initially, most people will say, “Oh I’m not artistic.” They’re wrong. Lots of writers, absolutely. Plenty of friends in visual arts, especially photography, sure, but there’s music, there’s gardening, there’s cooking, sewing, design, woodworking, fashion — any number of artistic pursuits people overlook.
I’ll word it differently, “What do you create?”

Artists are my people. They think differently. They offer unique perspectives. For this reason, they live differently and for this reason they enrich my life.

“An artist’s eye,” I say all the time. Like charisma, people either have it or they don’t. Sometimes it’s an ear or a palate, but it’s a thing.

“It’s completely subjective,” They say.
I don’t believe it’s subjective. If a creation elicits an emotion, to me, it’s art.

My husband stands in front of modern art and declares it is not art. I smirk and I say, “But it is. You don’t like it, but it is art.”
“I could do that.”
“Okay, but did you? Did you even think to do it?”
(These awkward conversations are why I do not take my husband to art museums anymore.)

Today we went to a family reunion and we had a White Elephant Party. Years ago when we went, my MIL chose a painting done by my husband’s cousin. I wanted it, but MIL liked it so much, even though I could have taken it with my turn, I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I very much wanted to choose a painting today, but paintings weren’t a choice.

I was number six this afternoon and near the front of the line to choose. I chose a white tube of soft. When I opened it, I gasped.



This is exactly the kind of surprise I wanted to find. I thought they were tea towels, and I was contemplating how I would display them, how I would use them, when another person shouted out how she’d like to have them. I was NOT prepared to hand over my tea towels, y’all. Just, no. Non et non et mais NON! The Mister said maybe he’d be far enough to the end to get them back for me. I hoped and hoped no one would take them, and no one did.
I walked over to thank the woman who made them, and discovered they were pillowcases. No question how to display and use them now, hm?

Lovely art, needlepoint. Not something I excel at, which makes me all the more appreciative of those who do.


SoCS ‘art’ is brought to you by the uniquely talented LindaGHill

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37 Responses to SoCS — Arts

  1. Dan Antion says:

    That’s realy pretty. My grandmother did that kind of needlework. You’re right about creative people thinking differently. It’s a good thing.

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  2. loisajay says:

    Isn’t homemade the best?! These are pretty. I used to do crewel embroidery when I was younger. This looks harder; I admire harder. I’m so glad no one took them from you, Joey.

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  3. I’m glad nobody upgraded at your expense.

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  4. Prior-2001 says:

    Pillow cases huh? Well they are beautiful –
    My husband’s grandmother lived past 90 and she made the best knitted pot holders – we still use a couple -(well made) but I will frame a couple (for the kids to have) when my MIL gives me a few more new ones!
    Anyhow – I am usually the type to agree that most creative output is respectable art – but had to agree with my spouse on the white canvasses with two slits- two of them – quick slices and that was it!
    But now that I think of it – that was “their” essence and their art for that time – hmmmmm

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  5. Josh Wrenn says:

    Very cool. I always tell my friends they can be artistic if they want. Some of them have obviously had it beat out of their heads.

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  6. Judy Martin says:

    Those pillowcases are beautiful. I agree with you that there are so many different types of artist and like you, I admire them all. 🙂

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  7. Benson says:

    I would love to have been a little needle point bird hovering around when you and the Mister were having your discussion. I agree, talks like that can be awkward. I think Art takes many forms. I use to draw and paint but quit it for some stupid reasons. That may be why I chose cooking for my purpose. I was going to say raison d’etre but that sounds so pompous. Anyhow I think anything made by hand is a type of Art. Even the shitty ones.

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  8. That’s dainty and pretty too. I actually think there’s artistry in everything we do.

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  9. Prajakta says:

    You got a pretty good pick. I am not that big a painter but I love crafts and it is so magical of what you can create with your hands for yourself and someone you care about. My mother is an insanely good artists and our house is full of paintings – I have my eye on a few to keep when I get my own home.

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  10. jetgirlcos says:

    lucky you! Those are beautiful! My grandmother used to do things like that. I tried needlepoint once but I haven’t got the patience for it. I love how you ask “What do you create?” I love your love for handmade items! I’m the same way. Gift cards are the bane of society, don’t you think? ❤

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  11. joannesisco says:

    Beautifully done! Lucky you to have made this choice.

    I agree with you that artistic talent manifests itself in very different ways – from the way someone can put together a thrift shop ensemble to creating unique crafts. I’m currently in awe of those who can put together flavours for unique twists on food.

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  12. Lovely! Great way to display/use them, as well!

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  13. ghostmmnc says:

    I’m glad you got to keep the embroidered pillowcases. They are so pretty! 🙂

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  14. John Holton says:

    I knew a priest (Tex’s boss and someone he knew in the seminary) who did embroidery. For Mom and Tex’s wedding, he embroidered two throw pillows for them. Simply amazing. These are just beautiful.

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  15. Anxious Mom says:

    Those are lovely! Glad the Mister didn’t have to fight it out for them 🙂

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  16. Non, non et non, you shouldn’t give these lovely “tea towels” away. I love your definition of art. Art is a universal expression of humanity, even though each of us favors one form of art to another. Art museums are gorgeous places where hopefully most of us can be touched by one piece or two, even surrounded by paintings that don’t talk to us.
    I also favor handmade gifts, even if the giver hasn’t necessarly made the gift. Handmade gifts are unique and we can see the time, energy and thoughts behind.
    Sweet dreams with your pillowcase!

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  17. I have these too. I have the tea towels that I use every day and the pillow cases to match. I just received a few more a few months ago from a friends kitchen, when a friend passes away you just have to pick something that makes you remember them more, I picked the tea towels.
    White elephants are amazing gifts.

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  18. jan says:

    I’m always amazed by needlepoint – I don’t have any small motor skills…

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  19. I love your definition of an artist. There is still hope. And I had almost the same conversation with my ex. Some modern art still makes me angry though.

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  20. Chez Shea says:

    Am completely with you on this. So much pleasure in receiving handmade gift. I love your needlepoint tea towels. I would consider them a treasure as well.

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  21. Beautiful needlework on those pillow cases. I’m glad you got to keep them! 😊 I have a couple of sets of pillow cases with pretty needlework that belong to my grandmother. She really loved all kinds of homemade creations: afghans, crocheted doilies, quilts, etc. When I see examples like yours, I always think of her. 😊

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  22. My mother made cross-stitched baby blankets for each of her grandkids. Handmade gifts are so nice! 🙂

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  23. Christina Record says:

    Lovely post! I’m so glad I stumbled upon your blog! Artists are the best. 🙂 Thanks for sharing and look forward to reading more!

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