Share Your World #43

What are you really glad you did yesterday?
I’m glad I spent the day outdoors!


I’m also glad I came home and fried chicken and made mash and gravy and all that, because I really love me and I wanted big Sunday dinner, even if it meant eating at 10pm!


Would you prefer a one floor house or multiple levels?
I like our little bungalow. I think at this point in my life, smaller spaces are where it’s at. I don’t care how many levels, really. The Mister has the bad knees, so I think the bungalow suits us, especially long-term. This is our first one-story since our lil apartment the year we married, and we do so enjoy it. I always think two-stories have more curb appeal, but I’m too practical to care, and who among us enjoys sweeping or vacuuming steps?

Have you done something you truly want to do today?
Well no, but I did sleep late, so I hope that counts as doing!

What plans did you have as a teenager that didn’t happen? Are you happy it didn’t work out that way?
Uh, not too many actually. I was awfully self-aware as a kid, never really felt like a kid, I think that was helpful. I obviously didn’t live happily ever after with any high school boyfriends, and that’s nice. My BFF is still my BFF, even if I made more BFFs along the way. I always wanted a little yellow car, but I don’t now. I accomplished a lot of my ‘must do’ list when I was in my twenties. Went to the college I always thought I would. I didn’t have any grandiose ideas about what I wanted to do or be or have, so you know, still thrivin in my mediocrity.


Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?
So pleased with the weather and the landscape. Grateful for central Indiana’s state parks. So grateful to have been out and about all weekend. It’s absolutely the best time of the year!
I found spring bulbs on sale, 8 for $1.99!
The Mister brought me flowers!
I didn’t need NyQuil all week!
The week coming up should feature more exploits into autumnal glory.


Cee’s Share Your World is a weekly feature and all are welcome to join in and play along.

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What’s going on in your world?

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54 Responses to Share Your World #43

  1. meANXIETYme says:

    What beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing! Glad you had some fun outdoor time in this fall-ish weather. 🙂

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  2. Cee Neuner says:

    I like you spending Sunday outdoors. Your photos are beautiful. Are you going to take a photo two of your flowers your hubby gave you? 😀

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  3. Laura says:

    Wow, what gorgeous photos. 🙂

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  4. Bradley says:

    I always enjoy this weekly feature. It’s good for getting to know you better. Enjoy your fall, we don’t really get them here in L.A.

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  5. Luanne says:

    What a wonderful time of the year in Indiana. Some of these photos have a bit of the liminal about them. Makin’ me jealous. It’s been hovering up near 100 almost every day.

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  6. Judy Martin says:

    I love your autumnal photos Joey.
    How wonderful that you managed to accomplish so much of what you set out to do 🙂

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  7. Those are lovely pictures! The leaves here seem to mainly be going from green to brown and directly off the tree. It’s disappointing.

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  8. April says:

    It’s great to be able to spend time outside, and it looks like you have plenty of beautiful fallness all around you.

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  9. Josh Wrenn says:

    1. Fried chicken and mashed potatoes. Yummy. Also, hooray for outside. Your colors are nicer there. It is too warm, and so not as pretty as it should be.

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  10. Joanne Sisco says:

    I’m loving your outdoor pictures. You have good reason to feel happy about that!

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  11. Norm 2.0 says:

    Nice shots. Looks like you have some lovely spots to enjoy the outdoors.

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  12. rogershipp says:

    The pictures are grand!

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  13. Nancy says:

    A little yellow car, huh? When I was a teenager I desperately wanted a 1968 red Mustang convertible. Maybe someday….

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  14. What a beautiful place. 🙂 I am glad that you had a fun weekend. Your Sunday dinner sounds wonderful! Now, I’m craving what you had. haha Have a blessed evening.

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  15. Spending the day outside is always a plus!


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  16. ghostmmnc says:

    Love your fall photos! Glad you got some outdoor time this weekend! 🙂

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  17. David E. McClendon Sr. says:

    Great fall pictures. Have a great week.

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  18. c2avilez says:

    Beautiful pictures! They make me want to get out and enjoy the outdoors before the rain and cold really move in.


  19. Benson says:

    Nice pictures. They make me realize that I should get out of the city more. Glad you had a good time.

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  20. Spending a day outdoors in beautiful fall weather is the best. And, the fried chicken sounds good too. What a perfect day! 🙂


  21. Spending the day in beautiful fall weather is the best. And, the fried chicken sounds good too. What a perfect day! 🙂


  22. Spending time in beautiful fall weather is the best. And, the fried chicken sounds good too. What a perfect day! Loved your pics. 🙂

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  23. jan says:

    I like being outside as well – especially when the air is crisp and cool. And the colors are so vivid! Happy Fall!

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  24. Anxious Mom says:

    “Thriving in mediocrity” haha! I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older that that’s the best way to roll.

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  25. Fall is finally making its way here! I’m waiting for the tree in the front yard to turn, but enjoying all the others along my drive.

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  26. who enjoys sweeping or vacuuming steps? Nail. On. The. Head.

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