SoCS — She Said Sh

Should I tell you the stupid Diva Furnace stopped working while we slept Thursday night and The Mister got it runnin again around seven last night?

Should I tell you I designed and ordered our office’s holiday cards yesterday?

Should I write about how I’m shopping today? Moo’s havin a birthday shindig tomorrow. She wants pork tenderloin with carrots and potatoes and cheesy quinoa. I should totally tell you that Moo doesn’t eat much meat, but she’ll eat a pound of pork tenderloin like it’s her job.

She’s requested some fancy gourmet cupcakes.
I should tell you the sale of fancy gourmet cupcakes is quite a racket in Indianapolis. I did my research and we are going to The Flying Cupcake on Illinois today because, and I say this with great sincerity, they have the most varieties (about 50 kinds of cupcakes) and they’re the most gourmet and the most fancy, and yet, they have the lowest prices. THAT is good business and they deserve a shout out.
Some of these cupcake places offer standard cupcakes with halfa foot of pretty icing, call them gourmet, and sell them for $4 a pop. Whatta scam. Shame on them.

Should I tell you I need to get out to rake the leaves outta the drive and into the garden beds, to pull up the remaining stems, to put away the lawn chairs?

Should I tell you daylight’s burnin? Daylight’s always burnin now. Darkness comes early and stuff.

Can you tell I shoulda gotten up earlier?
I should tell you I got out of bed before noon today and consider it a victory.

Should I tell you I wanna stay home and do this instead? I bet you suspected.

Oh well, at least it’s sweater weather. I shall wear a hat and a smile.

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38 Responses to SoCS — She Said Sh

  1. meANXIETYme says:

    Oh if only I could do that kinda sleepin’.

    Enjoy your cookin’ and shoppin’ and birthday shindig. Or, enjoy when it’s all over and done. 🙂

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  2. I hope Moo has a wonderful birthday and that the Diva furnace behaves itself

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  3. Josh Wrenn says:

    Hope you have a nice home sweater day.

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  4. John Holton says:

    Make sure you buy enough pork tenderloin!

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  5. Nancy says:

    Should I tell you how badly I want to curl up next to that warm and fluffy looking pup, with a book and a cup of coffee and maybe a cookie or two. I would share, I promise.😊

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  6. orbthefirst says:

    Happy Birthday kiddo!
    Hope yall have a nice relaxing weekend. After getting cupcakes. 🙂

    Oh and….SADIE PUPPY!!! 😀

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  7. Dan Antion says:

    Should I tell you I can’t remember the last time I slept past 9:00? It’s true. Doesn’t happen. Never. Gourmet cupcakes are a scam. But pork tenderloin is sure worth eating. Happy birthday Moo – whenever it is/was – enjoy.

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    • joey says:

      I wish I was the kind of person who felt sleepy at night and woke with the sun, I always think y’all have it so easy. OR, to be the kinda person who can feel good and function well on limited sleep, like those people who only need 5-6 hours.
      I’ve been getting up early 5 days a week for 39 years and every morning is like, “Nooooo!”

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  8. Benson says:

    Happy Birthday to Moo. I can not imagine a furnace; Diva or not messing with you. Hope you have a pleasant weekend.

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  9. Pork tenderloin ? Great palate, that one. 💖

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  10. You go, girl (or you went.) Furnace, boo; getting lots done, yah. Cupcakes, scam. I’m not a big cupcake fan and think prices are ridiculous. But who am I to know? Seems to be making money for people. I prefer pork tenderloin.

    Have a relaxing Sunday with plenty heat.


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  11. loisajay says:

    Happy Birthday, Moo! Mine is tomorrow–we are celebrating all weekend! Is that your dog? You can stay in bed; I will snuggle with your dog. What a sweetie.

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  12. Beards don’t get along well with cupcakes. I do like some tenderloin though.

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  13. ghostmmnc says:

    Happy Birthday to Moo! Sounds like it will be a fabulous party! 🙂

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  14. reocochran says:

    I love your big long list of “Sh” and you don’t include shit or nothing unsavory. You were in a relaxed state of mind. Live your pup, Sadie. Awww!
    Happy, (belated) wonderful birthday to Moo!! ❤ My baby, Felicia, was born 31 years on Dec. first.
    My daughters have discovered a way to make awesome swirly frosting so we are now blessed with buttercream frosting on all sorts of cupcakes. This year I asked for brown sugar frosting on a yellow cake, mmm!
    I miss Pink Moon Cupcakes in Powell, Ohio. I refuse to buy "regular store" bought cupcakes. I love local bakery and specialty shops and do spend on one cupcake $3-4; but when it's more I put in a request to the family.


  15. prior.. says:

    Ahhh – sitting here with hubs as he finishes watching the football 🏈 game
    And got on the wp reader real quick …
    this short little post was “joey fun”
    Eating the meat like her job! Bah!
    And yes – cupcakes are a Racket here in VA too – and agree – shame on those prices – and side note on that – we have a frozen yogurt place that at first (2013) took off like TCBY back in the 90s- but we stopped going because it is almost ten dollars per cup! Serious – and I can’t eat it anymore – but even if When I could we stopped because at first 4 of us could enjoy medium cups packed full for a twenty spot – it slowly went up – same amount went to 7 then 8 ish a cup – and talk about a racket!
    I SHould go now….


  16. You’d be a happy woman up here this week. It’s going to drop into the teens at night a couple of nights. You could wear layers inside and out. 🙂

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  17. Happy birthday to sweet Moo! Love the pic! 🙂

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