#ThursdayDoors — Fine Vines


This gate goes with one of last week’s downs




As well as this door —


#ThursdayDoors is part of an inspired post series run by Norm Frampton. To see other doors of interest, or to share your own, click the link.


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37 Responses to #ThursdayDoors — Fine Vines

  1. Joanne Sisco says:

    A brick archway is a perfect place for a lovely gate 🙂

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  2. Dan Antion says:

    I really like iron gates. It’s neat that the upper gate is kinda viney and surrounded by vines. I love the pattern of the vines in the bottom photo. I’m trying to picture it at night with just enough light and all creepy looking.

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  3. ghostmmnc says:

    I like to see vine covered houses, but they are a little bit creepy, too. Like they are going to take over everything and everyone! 🙂 I like the 2nd doorway down the stairs.

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  4. Benson says:

    Is this a private residence? Surly not. It is so formidable. Vine covered walls are very romantic looking. The vines can really mess with the mortar though. That bottom door is definitely a modern offering. Curved and welded metal. Really cool presentation.

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  5. I love the way houses look covered in vines, but I would worry about the repairs that it would cause the house to need 🙂 I like the gated entry too.

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  6. jesh stg says:

    Good choice to come back – a great spot for all these door-like structures.I love the combination of wrought iron with brick! Hope we’ll see a revisit when the leaves are on – must look romantic then. Thanks for your comment about the off week with the internet. – made me think how dependent have become on it (not good!)

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  7. This looks such an impressive building, I love the gate too! 🙂

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  8. It looks like it must be a restaurant, as it looks like a menu on the right. But could it be my house? Please?


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  9. Fine Vines, I’m guessing a vineyard – they’d have the wherewithal to install a custom made door as shown in the third image.

    Cheers! time for a refill

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  10. Beautiful gate and doors. Love, love, love the gate. 🙂

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  11. Love the gate at the top but your last door captures my heart. I love doors that let natural light filter in. And I grew up in a house covered with vine. In French we call it “Vigne vierge” because it doesn’t bear grapes. My bedroom window opened on the front of the house, entirely covered with this vine. My dad always trimmed it but I liked it when he forgot a section that would try to enter my room.

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    • joey says:

      Oh what a endearing memory to have and share! Vigne vierge, fascinant! Merci! J’amerai bien d’habiter dans une maison avec une vigne vierge!

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      • Oh your French is pretty good, Joey. Question for you: I’d like to do a weekly post called French Friday. Found the title but harder to decide on the content:) As a Francophile or at least someone who knows quite some French what would like to find in such a post?

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        • joey says:

          Thanks. I’m pretty rusty for lack of practice. Reading you helps. 🙂
          I really don’t know. I enjoy when you teach me new phrases and expressions.
          I enjoy learning new Spanish words and phrases from my daughter. She learns things in sections, which I think is an excellent way. Recently, she learned all sorts of little kid words, like ball, dolly, play, daycare, dinosaurs, stroller, trains, teddy bear… you know? I found myself realizing I didn’t have ALL the same words in French and that made me a little sad, because we teach one another. I had to look up several of them.
          Maybe try sections like that? Anecdotes are always helpful. I mean, now I will never forget vigne vierge!


          • Thank you, Joey! Looks like most people like learning or at least discovering new phrases. I’m currently tutoring high school students and they like my anecdotes too 🙂
            I will give it a try. Thanks again!

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  12. These really are beautiful doors!

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  13. These are very atmospheric. I sense deep passion, forbidden love maybe? Surely a set for a novella.

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  14. That’s a very ‘vine’ set of votogravs you’ve posted this veek, Joey. 😉 Vines make great shots in any season. Full of foliage and colour in Summer – twiggy and dead-looking in Winter.

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  15. Norm 2.0 says:

    Arches and vines – cool! Depending on my mood I can go from seeing it as romantic/rustic to Hitchcock/horror movie. Today I’m leaning towards the former, which is good.
    Have a great weekend 🙂


  16. marianallen says:

    !!! I never saw anything quite like that last one! — Oh, I see from the comments that it’s an Italian restaurant, and they probably (maybe?) have tables out there in the nice weather. A very neat way to capture some extra space without losing the view or the light. OF COURSE I adore the gate in the brick arch! As much as I adore arches, you’d think I’d eat at McDonalds’, but no.

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  17. Nice, Joey. You’ll have to do an “after” return shot when the vines grow out.

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