Share Your World — May 8, 2017

When you’re alone at home, do you wear shoes, socks, slippers, or go barefoot?
I go barefoot unless my feet are cold. Then I’ll put on socks.

What was your favorite food when you were a child?
The classic peanut butter and jelly sammich, surely.
Black plums in a brown paper bag.
Oh, and pickles — big kosher dills.
And black olives.
True love never dies.

Are you a listener or talker?
Depends on the environment. I’m a listener, an observer first and foremost, but when I’m comfortably engaged, I can talk your ears off.

Favorite thing to (pick one):  Photograph?  Write? Or Cook?


Optional Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?
This weekend was the bee’s knees!
Friday night’s date was spectacular — coffee, cookies, symphony, dinner, cocktails, and stuff. Relaxing Saturday morning, followed by a tasty linner — and when we finally did go pick up the girls, they had me laughin so hard I was gaspin for air and SNORTING!

After eight days of rain, Indianapolis reveled in its sunshine. It was close to 60F/15C and on Sunday, we walked the canal. It was dreamy. Just splendid.


We went home to play Mario Kart and eat chocolate meringue pie. I am grateful for the pleasure of having a Sunday to enjoy the outdoors with my family all together. Not a better time to be had.
This week coming up has a bit more scheduled than usual, but I like how unseasonably cool it will be and how my husband will be home every night.

Cee’s Share Your World is a weekly feature and all are invited to join in and play along.

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What’s going on in your world?

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37 Responses to Share Your World — May 8, 2017

  1. baldjake70 says:

    I look forward to being home so very much!

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  2. Sounds like a grand weekend, Joey, (hurrah for sunshine) and a good week on the way. Philly was mostly chilly and rainy and it looks as though we’re in for more rain a bit later here in the Chicago area. I’m ready for a week of sunshine! 🙂


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  3. pluviolover says:

    Whatever is on (or not) my feet, but I’m seldom home alone. Mac & tomatoes. Listener, but don’t get me started. Write. Eight days? Hmmmm. Glad yer getting some shine — us too. Cute picture.

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  4. Kudos to the designer of that canal – it’s not only functional, it’s a show piece!
    We are on day four, looking for five tomorrow of crap weather. But I’m lazing in my comfy house-robe and slipper’d (and socked) feet, so it’s good.

    (I learned gratitude from a blogger pal of mine. It’s a very, very important practice. 😉 )

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    • joey says:

      There’s so much beauty there! (About three miles) I cannot imagine how many people dreamed the dream 🙂
      I’m glad you’ve picked up gratitude as a habit 😉

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  5. Ohh, how pretty everything and everybody is/are! To more such weeks ahead.

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  6. loisajay says:

    That last photo is great. Enjoy the week, you two!


  7. Alice says:

    Sigh. I MISS going barefoot at home…I’ve got this tweaky ankle (it’s been off since I was a kid, though significantly worse in the last couple years), and one of the things that makes it worse is walking around without my orthotic shoes.


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    • joey says:

      Oh that’s rotten. I have added walking barefoot to my gratitude.
      Do you have the sort of tweaky ankle that might heal with orthotics and one day you’ll be free again, or is the sort that’s forever?


  8. Erika says:

    Your weekend sounds amazing!

    I was snacking on the kosher dill pickles tonight. So good.


  9. Jaded Jeni says:

    Sounds like an absolutely wonderful day! ♥

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  10. Benson says:

    What a wonderful weekend. Is it the sign of the times that you are making a date via WordPress?

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  11. Cee Neuner says:

    I like that you said observer. I have to do that in any situation for the first time. 😀

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  12. I love sunny days that are not too hot, your photos are glorious! 🙂


  13. Yay for sunshine instead of rain! It’s supposed to start raining here today and not be sunny until Sunday. I am absolutely rolling my eyes about that one! I am definitely barefoot unless my feet are cold…which is practically all winter. 🙂

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  14. Dan Antion says:

    Love the photos. Welcome sunshine. And, I could have answered that first question 😉

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  15. marianallen says:

    Such beautiful pictures! You make me all kindsa happy. 🙂


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