Skunkapalooza, He Said

Yesterday morning I made two trips to two schools. I didn’t smell anything but my delicious coffee and the girls’ freshly-groomed scents.

Later though, I went downtown. I didn’t smell anything unusual until I got back in my car. I was headed north on Delaware when I caught a whiff of skunk. Then I was on Meridian when I caught another whiff. Again, miles later, round Fall Creek I smelled it once more. Each time, I tried to sniff super well to determine the direction of the odor.

It was faint. Just a hint off and on. But it followed me for miles!


is it me?


*sniffed shoulders*

maybe i ran over a skunk? wouldn’t i notice? maybe a skunk climbed into my engine and died in search of warmth. omaword, maybe it’s that thing where you smell smells that aren’t there and this is the beginning of the end! no, no, that’s anxiety. maybe i drove through a skunk smell and it adhered to my tire?

When I got home, I smelled all my clothes as I removed them. My pets were happy to help. None of my clothes smelled of skunk. I even sniffed the bottoms of my shoes. Nope. Not a thing.

Hmm. Chock that up to peculiar, eh?

When The Mister came home, I asked him if I smelled like skunk. He sniffed me thoroughly and said No.


In the evening, I got back in my car to take Sassy to rehearsal. I smelled nothing. When The Mister returned from picking her up, he said my car smelled fine.

Oh well.

It was then I decided downtown had been infiltrated by skunks the night before. Even suburban skunks must have ventured into the city for a wild spray party. They were whoopin it up, pub crawlin and puffin on the skunk bud, takin selfies in the fountains. I bet they sang and and danced and bred like mad.
Skunkapalooza, The Mister said.

Unfortunately, due to daylight savings time, they all got run over before dawn. Poor dears never saw all those commuters comin.

I expect plenty of hysterical, tongue-in-cheek, punny comments on this post. Of course, it being a Tuesday and all, other possible comments include telling me something I’ve already written here or letting me know it’s skunk mating season in Indiana. It wouldn’t be the internet if someone didn’t yell at me for glorifying Pepe Le Pew, sexual harasser extraordinaire, or for joking about the death of animals, but no one ever tells me important shit, like Hey, there’s a typo in line 6!
Yes, I know skunks don’t have thumbs or smartphones, but have you seen this?

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45 Responses to Skunkapalooza, He Said

  1. Dan Antion says:

    GeeezeLouise, I’m not dealing well with the pressure of having to be pithy or punny or skunky for that matter. Can’t I just come here and read funny stuff? Come on…please…I’m a regular. OK, be a stinker about it if you must.

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  2. scr4pl80 says:

    Anybody growing/smoking weed where you are? Sometimes that smells like skunk (or so I’ve heard…not familiar with that at all…)

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  3. Benson says:

    Skunk huh. I don’t know that I could recognize skunk scent; being a city boy and all. I know a bunch of different critters call Indy home. Skunks included. I am just more familiar with possums and rats. Of course I wouldn’t mind seeing a real Skunkapalooza. Up wind of course.

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  4. Ally Bean says:

    That video of the parrot is hilarious. Oh. my. goodness. And as for your skunk, smelling of said, don’t know what to tell you. Perhaps your nose needs a check-up? Is there such a thing?

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    • joey says:

      It’s like you don’t even believe in skunkapalooza! 😛
      I bet it IS a thing. If it keeps happening, I will talk to my doctor, I promise. Because you know, brains are important.

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  5. We get a lot of skunk smell here too. If you, or someone else hit one you’d know it (for months actually). Maybe the babies are leaving the nest this time of year. I get a kick out of watching them with their sailor roll as they wobble along. I always keep my distance though.

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    • joey says:

      I noticed when I hit a raccoon, so I figured I’d know if I hit a skunk. I seldom see one. In fact, I only remember seeing two. I’d love to see some babies, as you say, from a distance. Mostly, just smell and of course, occasionally de-skunk my dog.

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  6. I know skunk. You were lucky whatever you picked up on your wheels eventually wore off.

    Thanks for including what the parrot was saying – I didn’t know the song, and it was amazing the parrot could do such a long string of different sounds. Probably listens, courtesy of owner, to that song WAY too much. Maybe it like singing. Very funny. I often wonder what animals do all day to not go bananas.

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  7. Carrie Rubin says:

    It’s awful how long that scent of skunk can linger while we’re driving. Sometimes I’ll smell one outside my townhouse in the morning. Not a pleasant way to wake up.

    No typos spotted on my end!

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  8. marianallen says:

    OMG, that parrot! Why don’t more parrots record rock music??

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  9. Let the folks at PETA know and that will be the end of DST for SURE!

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  10. It’s always amazed me how the “aroma” of skunk can be so pervasive. I’ve thought before that I must have run over a skunk, because the smell seems to follow my van everywhere. But no! I can’t imagine how awful it would be to have one shoot scent on your dog or in your garage or yard.


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    • joey says:

      It’s really gross when the dog gets skunked. It’s enough to gag me, and I’m not a sissypants about gross stuff.
      That lingering scent while driving is bad enough!

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  11. I think my smeller is really weird cause I don’t mind the smell of day old skunk it’s just musk to my nose. Fresh isn’t pleasant, but it’s not awful to me. There are plenty of smells that my nose thinks are really bad.

    Our realtor traded in her leased car and told us she had to get a new one because rats built a nest near the engine and were bringing in dog food which along with rat pee, and odors the car got a bad smell. She drove around for a week trying to figure it out much like you are, but she couldn’t figure out where the stink was coming from. She had husband drive it and he inspected the car and found the nest. She lives out in the country sort of so, I guess there are more rodents and of course looking for a warm place to nest.

    OMG! That parrot is hilarious! Do you think the owners left that playing all day while they were at work so it would learn it? Can you imagine it’s going to sing that for 50 yrs or so! They have long lives parrots.

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  12. We live in skunk territory. They were here first, I was told. I get it the scent on my tires often.

    Our curious dog was skunked one early a.m., hard, on the face and head. It took years before that smell finally left him completely. From then on, he’d sniff at the door before going out. If there was a skunk in the area, he’d just “hold it in”.

    Skunk bud…cracked me up. But isn’t all bud really skunk bud ???

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    • joey says:

      Tires do seem the most logical explanation.
      Sadie gets skunked now and again. She totally does not mind, but WE do. I’ve heard if it gets into their eyes, dogs start to care. :/
      My knowledge of the skunk bud is limited to hearsay, but I do think there are certain strains that smell more skunky than others.

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  13. Luanne says:

    Certain foods cooking smell like skunk. Or it could be that only humans can smell skunk and your family has already been replaced by plant life. Typos? I don’t think so.

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  14. bikerchick57 says:

    I have two comments:
    1) The parrot would be a hit on karaoke night.
    2) I wonder if the dead skunks were in the middle of the road. You know…stinkin’ to high heaven.

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  15. I think you just missed the obvious; it’s P U-sday!

    LOL at your post as usual! 😂

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  16. loisajay says:

    That parrot is a riot! We had skunk cabbage in the woods across the street from my home in NJ, but I have never smelled a skunk. Ida just thought WTH without knowing what it was. **sniff shoulders** So funny–why do we always do that?!

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  17. ghostmmnc says:

    I’ve seen that parrot singing funny. I love how parrots can learn to say things. We had a parakeet one time, that could say his name, Igor, and also pretty bird. … We get a skunk smell sometimes. You definitely know it when you smell it. Here we get the smell of the cattle stockyards once in awhile. That is way worse than skunk.

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  18. I do not like the smell of skunk! For some reason the hubby doesn’t mind it, but he also like the scent from trucks laying fresh tar on the road. Both of those scents make me ill and I must get away as soon as possible. Hopefully there won’t be any skunkapalooza’s in the future! I once had a field mouse die in my car’s a/c system. It was awful! Luckily, I still lived at home and my dad was the one who scoured it out for me. Maverick thought it would be cute to bring a dead animal onto my living room rug yesterday. What is it with dogs (and little kids) bringing all grossness to the carpet!? The entire main floor is wood, except that rug! I hope your Wednesday was better than your Tuesday and better than my Wednesday! 🙂

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    • joey says:

      None of my animals have brought the ew in, but I’ve had many offerings left at the door. SO thoughtful, lol! Maverick loves his pack very much!
      I don’t mind skunk outdoors, but when the dog gets skunked, it’s enough to gag me! I can’t say I have feelings about tar smell. It’s okay.
      My Tuesday suuuuucked, last night was nice (Sorry yours wasn’t) and this day is going rather well. I hope for you too! 😀

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  19. Erika says:

    Once my grandma and I came across a skunk going down a dirt road. She stopped a few feet away, but he still did his thing. Fucking awful!


  20. Living in a rural area, I’ve smelled my share of skunks. Nasty. 🙂 That bird had me laughing out loud. When my daughter was a teenager, she had to have a gray parrot. That lasted about a week or two, but that parrot was going years later, and I was the one to clean up after him. They are messy. But, he talked, and he even had a few off color words. Nothing X rated, but when he’d fall off his perch, he’d let one rip. It was hysterical. 🙂

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  21. pluviolover says:

    In Texas last month, walked outside and got a whiff of Texas polecat (skunk). I had not had that experience in years. I had not missed it.

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