Go Where Now?

No. No more go today. Do not take your mama out. Your mama has picked you up and taken you out all week. Take yer mama home. Let her put her jammies on. Fetch her a nice tea. Let her catch up on her Instagram and peruse her bloggity-blogs. She wants to play Scrabble and music.

I think the only way I’d get up offa this sofa to party is if MY mama showed up.



Happy Friday Everyone!

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26 Responses to Go Where Now?

  1. There is no more steam to make things happen with. Everything collapses.

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  2. Bill says:

    I was thinkin’ the song, ‘The Day is Done’ (Peter, Paul, and Mary). But this poem fits what you said so much better — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TvLb8JRK6TI

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  3. Ally Bean says:

    Somehow my mind, when presented with the word mama, goes straight to monkeys jumping on the bed… mama called the doctor… no more monkey jumping on the bed. I don’t know how that fits into what you wrote here, but I thought you should know this.

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  4. Dan Antion says:

    Ha – enough is enough. I get it.

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  5. Benson says:

    “Get Mama jacked up on cheap Champagne ” Definitely words to live by. I hope you had a restful and Happy Friday and you will have a uneventful Saturday.

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  6. jackcollier7 says:

    Drink tea, not champagne.

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  7. marianallen says:

    When I hear “your mama,” I think about how I tell my daughter yo’ mama jokes.

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  8. loisajay says:

    Whew! Supervisor was on a tear all week. We were ALL glad it was Friday. Rainy and cold all weekend but I will take it!

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  9. It’s kind of a blanket-fort day here in Idaho too. Enjoy your down time.

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  10. John Holton says:

    Nice to be able to tell the world to f off sometimes, ain’t it?

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  11. Laura says:

    Because sometimes there is nothing left to do but sit down and rest.

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  12. Amy says:

    My teens had no high school on Friday. They are moving into trailers for a remodel of the very mold-filled current high school. Miss Sunshine had me take her clothes shopping. I don’t love clothes shopping, but we had some good laughs.

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