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JusJoJan — 1

I shall jot through January, as I do every year. This year will be a greater challenge because of work. I’ve been working full-time for over a month, and if I don’t blog in the morning, it seems I don’t … Continue reading

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Slap and Tickle

Quite often, I straddle my husband on the sofa. Sometimes it’s flirty, sure, but mostly, it’s just comforting. Sometimes it’s like this: Imagine my surprise when the other day, The Mister straddled ME. I gotta tell ya, it wasn’t the … Continue reading

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Eight Days Later

Well wasn’t that a lovely break? Didj’all miss my rants, my insights, or just my nonsense? Know what? Doesn’t matter. We both know I don’t pretend to care here on my Not A Nice Lady Blog. I took eight days … Continue reading

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Draggin Ass? Dragon Mood?

I don’t know why we call it draggin ass. Maybe those guys with the droopy pants are draggin ass, but my ass is relentlessly buoyant. My tummy, after three abdominal surgeries in four years, has long beenĀ an entity unto itself, … Continue reading

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Grin And Blur It

I honestly have no idea what’s gotten into this week, but it’s askew. And blurry. Me: I think I’ll … This Week: Actually, you’ll … Me: Okay, but then … This Week: No. No, of course it’s not me. I’m … Continue reading

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Yawning Friday

Oof, this has been a long, long week! Five o’clock mornings got me strung-out like taffy. Such a blur, I’m glad I took pictures. Lotta fun stuff this week. The Mister hadda bust out some channel locks to get Moo’s … Continue reading

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As I mentioned, I went to schools six times yesterday. The Mister did the last of it, saving me one round-trip. Woot! I got Sadie’s pill and met a whole new dog at the vet. I dunno what kinda dog … Continue reading

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Invocation of The Daddy

No one who knows me would ever say I’m easy on my kids. No one. Yet, they behave better for their father. Do I treat them like Marines or royal subjects? No. I’m a bitch, but they are my children … Continue reading

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Tales of Whoa

The other day, The Mister came into the living room, set his morning coffee down, and yanked out the cushions on his sofa. In a deep, gruff voice, I said, “I am man. I wake up and immediately destroy things!” … Continue reading

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The Woman On The Bed

What did I do on the first day of fall break? I got up at 5:30am and drove the kid to the thing. Then I hosted LindaGHill’s Saturday Stream of Consciousness. Then I picked the kid up and grabbed some … Continue reading

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