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Automom and Mr Busyness A. Gogo

“…And the skies will be cloudy all day…” Alternative song lyrics for those of us who enjoy the cooler, grayer days. I don’t know why October thinks it needs to be so warm, but I’m glad for the gray. Fall … Continue reading

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Cool, Crisp, and Yellow, No Mellow

You know how sometimes you just really wanna write somethin funny, or happy, or at the very least post somethin positive on your blog and you sorta feel like not those ways? NOT TODAY! I woke up at 6:42, or … Continue reading

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Notes on Pleasantries

I gotta tell ya, I’ve been tired this week. I got about 15 hours of overnight sleep, and I had three naps, one so long and hard, I slobbered and snored. BUT! I must admit, it’s been a pleasant week. … Continue reading

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Meandering Monday

I can’t remember what the hell I was gonna write about today, but I had a thing. It’s hangin around my head, silently taunting me now. Likely not available to me because I failed to cultivate sleep last night. I … Continue reading

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Capricious with a Chance of Cheeky

Outside, it’s sixty degrees and quite blustery. We slept with our windows cracked and that was some good sleepin. When I woke up, I wanted a sweatshirt, socks, and somethin to eat, but if you can imagine, not a one … Continue reading

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And on a Tuesday No Less

I’ve blogged many times about transition, as I feel I am almost always in transition of some sort. Transition versus what? Being in a rut? Ick. I believe it’s best to stop and breathe, care for ourselves, reflect — but … Continue reading

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Love is blind. He’s also deaf. I love the way the lingering scent of him still emanates from his tee-shirts even as I fold them fresh from the wash. I love the roughness of his hands, the softness of his … Continue reading

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Food & Flora for Friday

I’m sitting here shoving blueberries into my face, because I’ve waited too long to eat. I got obsessed with the idea of pho today.   I kept thinkin the boy one would get here and he would totally wanna go … Continue reading

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SoCS — Guess What?

Chicken butt. Chicken butt not featured: Turkey sold separately. I made my annual trip to the Indiana State Fair and somehow neglected to get any chicken butt shots. Oh well, whaddya gonna do? Guess what? Ever since SOME EARLY BIRD … Continue reading

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SoCS — All High, No Low

High: My HME come to visit me. “Mama’s havin a sleepover.” Driving around catching up, choosing fish at the market, sampling cheese. Pajamas on the porch. Aperol spritzers. Orange slice candies. Talking into the wee hours. Laughing and crying over … Continue reading

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