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Ring Ding Dong, Ringa Ding Ding Ding Dong

Thank God it’s Friday. This week played a joke on me. Tuesday and Thursday conspired against me by switchin their modus operandi and fucked.my.shit.up. Friday got it right. Happy Friday Everyone! Get on down.

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SOCS – Text For Pick Up

Can I tell you how nice it is to be alone in the house? All week, my family said stuff about doing things today and while I heard them, I didn’t actually actively listen apart from the sections which involved … Continue reading

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In Which Whirl Girl Winds Down

Y’all know good and goddamned well that I am not only behind in blogging, but also in reading blogs. Life. Mine is full. Yay. Yay? More like Yea. Due to staffing issues our office has been just a wee tad … Continue reading

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Friday Fun Three

I stole this from Barb-Weena — she does the fun! It was originally called 33 Questions, but they’re not all numbered and I’m not counting. 1. If you lived in a house made of jello, what flavor would it be? … Continue reading

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A Gifted Week

We must be mindful. Mindful sounds terrible when you have a busy mind, I know, but being mindful is sorta clearing. One thing at a time. This thing. This now. I believe blessings are best counted in the moment, but … Continue reading

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SoCS — Fall Flowers? Flour?

Not a good day to post about either, I’m afraid. Happy Autumn from Indy! I’ve not been out in my yard a lot, haven’t even looked at the mums, but it’s always a good idea to plant more mums, no … Continue reading

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Multilingual Text With the Fam

BaldJake: We all have our moments. Sassers: I have too many. Moo: Moi aussi. Sassers: Haha. What? Moo: I used the French. BaldJake: Tres bien. Joey: *blows kisses* Sassers: Three good? BaldJake: Very good. Joey: Oui, Moo, Sassy parle pas … Continue reading

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Recapping the Fastest Week Ever

Oh my gosh, where do I even start? Last weekend was a blur. It was fun and it zoomed on by. Friday was incredible, because somehow, both children went out for the evening and we had surprise date night. I … Continue reading

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Friday Fun Two

Hey, not all titles come easily, roll with it. Y’all, this week. What is with this week? It wasn’t extraordinarily long. Quite the contrary. Monday, I didn’t touch my travel coffee until 10am. It was lukewarm, but vital. On Tuesday, … Continue reading

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Yeah, I’m a Yankee Bitch, but still y’all, YEEEEEHAW!!! My HME is coming to visit! My HME always makes people ask What’s an HME? and again, I tell you, my HME is a person. Maybe her name’s Hattie Mae Eller, … Continue reading

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