Black and White and Loved All Over

You may remember that I fully intend to have chickens in my back yard, and how disappointed I was to find out we cannot keep goats in the city? Non? Well maybe you remember that I had two cats and a dog, and I still want a goldfish? Non? Jeez, do you even read these posts?

Well, something happened.

Thursday, I saw Indy was having this huge adoption event at the fairgrounds. The flyer indicated that more than 750 animals had been fixed and microchipped, ready for adoption. It was this incredibly noble thing that people all over the city and surrounding areas took part in. Vets and clinics and rescues and shops and regular people like us all worked together to create this event. I said we should go. (I was going to go.) I said Sadie Dog needed a kitten of her very own. (I am on my way to Crazy Cat Lady.)

The Mister made his face.
If you have a husband, you may be familiar with the face?
It’s the same kind of face he shows me when I ask him which black shirt I should wear and the same face he shows me when I tell him I’m going to repaint the bedroom.
Do you know the face?

It starts like this:

a silent prayer that i'm not saying this thing i am saying?

a silent prayer that i’m not saying this thing i am saying?

And then it turns into this:

"i am made of stone now."

“i am made of stone now.”

So, I got up early, (four HOURS before noon!) and we headed off to the adoption event. Y’all, I didn’t even get coffee until we left. I was motivated. The line was down the building and around the building (they said at least 1500 people.) The last time I stood in a line like that, I got front row tickets.

Anyway, as we entered the building, lines of volunteers applauded and cheered us like we were victorious or famous. It was terrible and awkward and I blushed somethin awful.
Almost immediately, I fell in love with an older female who’d been found abandoned in an empty house, and had lived in the shelter for almost a month. She was so lovable. Just precious. My own cats are seven and eight now, and they’re far from old. I intended to really rescue a cat. Everyone wants shiny tiny new kittens, but people almost never want the older kitties.

I am a cat person. I can fall in love with a three-legged blind cat with bad breath and half an ear, I really can.
It was instinctual to announce, “THIS IS MY CAT! I’ll be taking this cat home now!” but we had to go look at all the cats, because I have children, and children must touch all the the kittens. Also, I couldn’t effectively communicate to The Mister because some journalist with a camera and a mic wanted to talk to us. More blushing, and silently pointing at husband while looking at a random spot on the floor. Husband said things.


Two hundred felines later, we stumbled upon a crate of kittens who were, without a doubt, more special than all the other kittens in the whole wide world. There was an orange one, who was a feisty talker. I could tell right away that he was mischief. I can’t get down with mischief. There was a black and white one who was a lover. I’m a sucker for the lovers. Yes, yes, teethe on my shirt, claw my hair, tuck your head under my chin. Aww. But the girls loved this kitten even more than I. And Sadie Dog would do better with a kitten. Dammit.

I asked The Mister to go check on the female up at the front. See if she was still available. When he came back, I said, “I want the black and white female and the black and white kitten. Yes, I want them both. That’s what I want.” And The Mister, who is good at pleasing me, nodded. He stayed to adopt the kitten, and I went to claim my cat.

this is cletus. he is 4 months old and no one ever puts him down. ever.

this is cletus. he is 4 months old and no one ever stops touching him. ever.


this is como. she's 5 and she hides. alawt.

this is como. she’s 5 and she hides. alawt.

Right now, everyone is hissing and getting acquainted. Seems to be a gender issue. Catticus hates the male kitten, although he watches him constantly. Clara seems to hate the female cat, but hangs out under the bed with her like a feline spy.
The dog. Oh the poor dog. The dog loves everyone, and she just wants the cats to love her in return.

If you’re local, the Indy Mega Adoption Event is also tomorrow, although the demand for dogs is much higher than that of cats, and therefore, the dogs are adopted speedily. Today’s adoptions were Cats 302 / Dogs 219.

That’s a lot of lives saved, and leaves a lot more room in rescues and shelters.

Spay & Neuter Your Pets.
Don’t Shop — Adopt.



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41 Responses to Black and White and Loved All Over

  1. meg68 says:

    Aww what a lovely story… I got little tears in my eyes to hear you talking about your instant love for the older female. (Course it doesn’t take much to make me spring a leak!)
    I’m pretty sure we’re going to have chickens soon, it’s all 7 talks about so we’ll wait for the weather to warm up in a little bit, and surprise her for her birthday in November! Fitty’s talking about turning the trampoline into a chicken coop?? The mind boggles?
    I think we’ll go for something more conventional but you never know….
    I think maybe it’s me with the “face” in our relationship? So glad you posted today 🙂


  2. Wow that’s an adorable post and I am sooooo happy you got the older cat it was like reading a novel and I was getting stressed that you were going to give up on her! Phew x


  3. Kat's Den says:

    I recognize Mister’s voice inside his own head that can only be heard through his eyes. It gets loud, doesn’t it?


  4. Marc-André says:

    Thanks for sharing this story 🙂


  5. Phil Taylor says:

    That’s awesome! Congrats on the new family members. And congrats on finding the most patient husband in the world.


  6. Dan Antion says:

    Great post. I know how Mister feels (but I would have done the same thing).

    Our first cat was a black and white male that wandered into my shop. Our second cat was a black and white male who was “Free” with a $15 purchase. One of the old pet stores would take in cats for adoption. We were looking at a different cat, but this little guy wouldn’t shut up. Those guys (Oreo and Cookie) are long gone, but we have two black and white females that were dropped at a local farm. Tuxedo cats are the best!

    Am I counting correctly – you now have four cats and a dog? Good luck, you’re a good person. Maybe if we got two more cats they could gang up on the dog and get her to shape up.


    • We do have four cats and a dog now. And I still want chickens and a goldfish!

      I grew up with a Tuxedo cat and I loved him so 🙂

      Is your dog in charge of the cats?


      • Dan Antion says:

        My wife wants a goat. I don’t think we are allowed to have a goat. We can have up to 5 chickens but no rooster.

        The dog (10 mo Irish Setter) wants to play with tend cats and / or wants to chase them. Unfortunately they don’t know how to snack her (it’s why you have claws girls). We’re hoping things will improve as the pup gets older. We’ve had an Irish Setter and two cats for 30 years and they’ve always gotten along (until now).


        • Your situation is unfortunate, especially considering you’ve kept the same type of pets for 30 years without trouble!
          The kitten and Clara tolerate the dog pretty well. Catticus bats at her UNLESS they’re getting a treat — then he will gladly sit next to the dog. I don’t know about the older female yet, but at least today she came out of hiding.
          We don’t have any ordinances about chickens in my little community, not even about roosters, but in order to have “livestock” one would have had to be grandfathered in. Having only lived here since August, we are not. There are horse farms in my community, and many people keep chickens and goats, but they’re just lucky people who got here first!


          • Dan Antion says:

            Maybe you could buy a goat from a neighbor and claim that the goat is grandfathered.

            The original dog and cat didn’t get along well, so we got a second cat. The cats played with each other and the dog left them both alone. These two cats are pretty independent (sisters) so nobody wants to play with anyone else. I’m hoping that time will do the trick.


  7. Sherry says:

    Oh I envy you…we had 4 cats…now we have none…Diego would love the companionship…We discuss it and then agree its a bad idea….but then a few weeks later we discuss it again…perhaps we will figure it out…if we could keep it home…that’s the problem….


    • I understand. I hope you’ll look into the remote collars for the the doggy door, and you COULD always end up with a neurotic kitty like Catticus, who has no idea he belongs to Earth, and instead believes he belongs to carpet and quilts — he hates outside. In Georgia, he would now and again roam out for a belly stretch in the sun, but only for a few minutes, because OMG Sherry! There’s nature out there! You could always ask about naturephobic cats like him 😉


  8. cardamone5 says:

    Absolutely love the face, and your version of the Mister’s talking. But, hey, he agreed to the adoptions, didn’t he? Too funny!



  9. meANXIETYme says:

    Fantastic post and I’m so happy for your whole family (four-legged and two-legged). I don’t envy you the transition period, but I am very impressed with your generous heart.
    And paws up all around for your hub, who also clearly has a big heart, too. 🙂


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  11. Jewels says:

    Two new kitties weeeeee! ❤


  12. My Joey was a tuxedo. He lived to be 19. So glad to hear you got both. The connection between you and Como could not be denied! Best wishes to them all!


  13. Oh, I love, love, love, this post! I’m very close to getting an apartment of my own and am aching to get a pet. I’ve been debating between a cat and a dog. I’m usually a dog person, and allergic to cats, but have been leaning a little toward a cat anyway. This post has me leaning even more toward a cat now. Of course, I will adopt an adult from a shelter (either one). Oooohhh, now I can’t wait! 🙂


    • I am also allergic to cats, but not all cats. So long as I keep my fingers out of my eyes, I’m okay 🙂

      Best of luck — I’m sure the right animal will choose you!


  14. suzjones says:

    That’s so gorgeous. I have pleaded with the GG for another cat but he keeps telling me that the Diva is more than enough to handle. He could be right but he probably isn’t. lol
    We have decided that when we get another pet, it will be a rescue though.


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  16. Miss Lou says:

    Cletus totally looks like a snuggler!

    I used to foster kittens from the RSPCA – 15 – 20 at a time. I would house and feed the 8 week old kittens until they were 3 – 4 months old and ready for adoption. I kept keeping one from each litter/foster group and after 3 litters I had to stop.

    I had Paprika – a gorgeous looking tortoise shell who was a SNUGGLER.. oh my goodness I loved her cuddles.

    Cleo – Stand offish generally, but loved our Great Dane, Hercules and would sleep with him always and Hercules would literally carry him around in his mouth. (even when he was the equivalent to 3 kilos of Lamb Chops)

    Rhubarb – A domestic long haired Furball, That cat killed 3 vacuum cleaners, including a Dyson.

    When my daughter was born, we realised she was allergic to the cats 😦 I tried to make things work for about 2 years, but eventually had to find them new homes. I cried for weeks.


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