Guns Are Like Pitbulls

I’ve never known a vicious Pitbull.  Oh, I’ve seen them on the news, and read articles about them online, but I’ve never met one. However, I’ve met a vicious Poodle and a vicious Golden Retriever. Ferreal.



As I have met many more sweet Poodles and loving Goldens, I tend to assume that shh..the people who raised the vicious dog are the problem. *nods* Perhaps not enough leadership, perhaps not enough socialization.

The Pitbulls I’ve known are family dogs which trod behind wagons, gladly suffer wearing a little girl’s scarf, beg for bacon, and snuggle kittens.

True's Pibble & rescued kitten

True’s Pibble & rescued kitten

I personally wouldn’t own a Pitbull, as I like dogs who are fluffy and furry with floppy ears. “Oh yes I do, Oh yes I do! Who’s a pretty girl?”

I don’t fear Pitbulls, or think they should be banned from neighborhoods.

I don’t know a lot about dog breeding, but I know enough to know breeding licenses are required in some states and not others. I also know some people just keep dogs in a kennel and breed puppies a couple of times a year. I don’t like that. I don’t think that’s right. I think too many irresponsible people are breeding dogs.
I also fully acknowledge that dogs don’t need a license to breed, therefore, it’s the owners who need to be educated.
I recognize there are too many animals dying in shelters, rescues are full, and people are still willing to pay $750 for a puppy mill Yorkie, despite abundant education.

We all agree this is messed-up, right?

We all agree this is messed-up, right?











Similarly to the Pitbull situation, I’ve never been around gun-totin criminals. Yes, I’ve seen them on the television, and read about them in the news, but I don’t actually know any irresponsible gun owners.

I know a guy who practically has an arsenal. Even as wacky as I think he is, he doesn’t scare me, and I don’t think he should surrender his weapons.
Most of the gun owners I know are people who have extensive arms training, and so they tend not to bring their guns to baby showers, soccer games, or out to lunch.

Notice that my husband is not shooting at us, despite his rifle and obvious ability?

Notice that my husband is not shooting at us, despite his rifle and obvious ability?









I know plenty of  people who have guns I’ve never seen. My dental hygienist kept a pistol in her purse, but she never pulled it on me during my cleaning. I know mommies who keep theirs in a lock box with a trigger lock. I know a couple who has antique weapons just hangin around in their attic. My grandmother kept a rifle behind her bedroom door. My son had upteen Airsoft guns when he was a teenager, but he never did put anyone’s eye out.

I know some people who hunt. I know some people who shoot targets and skeet. I know some people who would rather shoot someone than be shot, raped, or robbed. Mostly, I just know a lot of service members.

I know guns don’t need to be registered, or fired by those who hold a permit. That trigger works no matter who squeezes it or where it was purchased.

I’m not in favor of a gun ban. I may be a liberal, but I’m far too American (‘Merican?) to want a gun ban.

Mayors say the darndest things!

Mayors say the darndest things!








I would personally never own a gun, because I don’t like guns.  I fired a shotgun a few times in my youth. I was a pretty good shot, but I didn’t enjoy it. I don’t care for the sensation of recoil and let’s face it, I’m clumsy and anxious. I am exactly the kind of person who would have a “gun-related incident.”

I’d like to live in a world where psychopaths don’t have guns.
I’d like to live in a world where Pitbulls are never fought, and are as loved as any other dog.

Guns are like Pitbulls: It’s all a matter of who’s handling them.


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15 Responses to Guns Are Like Pitbulls

  1. Matt Roberts says:

    Wonderfully written and very well put. It seems to me like you might just have COMMON SENSE, which I know is on the endangered species list. I’ve met 3 pit bulls in my life, and all were awesome. None attacked or killed me (I can prove it *waves*). I also know a ton of gun owners who are all extremely responsible with their weapons. Some may be complete idiots, but at least with their guns they are responsible. So yeah, it’s all in who has control over them. Unfortunately in this world too many idiots are allowed to have the same privileges as the rest of us. And then they ruin it for the rest of us.


  2. I agree with you. Pitbulls are no more dangerous than any other breed, it’s just that when they are turned bad, they’re strong enough to do real damage so people remember them. There are more recorded bites from poodle mixes and cocker spaniels than from pits. I grew up showing dogs, and it has broken my heart to see breed specific legislation passed. My insurance company told me they would drop my homeowner coverage if I bought a Rottweiler. Never mind that no Rottie of mine will ever be alpha and will have basic obedience and beyond.


  3. starsmile85 says:

    As someone who is pro-gun and has a Pibble in the family (I also have a 6 1/2 month old son and babysit an 18 month old, both of whom my dog is WONDERFUL with) I just wanted to say thank you for writing this. This is SOOOO true! Also, becomingcliche is right… my homeowner’s insurance is higher because I have a Pibble. 😦


  4. Lily Mugford says:

    As a Canadian, I do not understand the American fascination and need to have a gun. (Is your country really that horrible and dangerous?) That being said, no amount of regulation would stop the illegal gun trade, it is impossible to regulate how sane your family members are. The sad news is that the gun-owner may be responsible, but their teenager may be going through a rough patch and take the gun to a school and we can all remember what happens then. If we all gave up our guns, how many accidents and how many innocent children would be saved?
    The same with pit-bulls, they are no more dangerous than my shepherd, and again, we can’t regulate stupid.


    • Yes, our country really is dangerous. You can get anything here, legal or not.
      And I think you hit the nail on the head with how we can’t regulate stupid. That was the point of my post.


  5. Excellent post. I own two pitbulls and deal with all the accompanying discrimination. it is truly all about the owner.


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