On Choosing a Life

People who don’t know me well ask me all the time, “Why Champaign-Urbana?”
This annoys the piss out of me.
In order to explain why I like it there, I’m somehow putting down every other place on earth.

Have Y’all ever noticed that?
People take shit so seriously.


It’s like, “you don’t have tattoos, so you must not like tattoos, or be judging me for my tattoos, or you’re afraid of getting a tattoo..?”

Not everyone wants a tattoo. Not everyone wants a cheeseburger. Not everyone wants a potbelly pig for a pet. Not everyone wants to live where you live.

My family lives everywhere.
We see one another randomly, and mostly at funerals.
Now, a whole buncha people just said, “Aw! That’s so sad!”

Right, right. *rolls eyes*
We’re fine with it. Really.

Things My Extended Family and I Do Not Do:
Impose ugly bridesmaids dresses on one another
Have family reunions
Collaborate for family photos
Take extended family vacations


Really, it’s okay. We miss one another. Some more than others, obviously. But we’ve all chosen a Life. In different Places.

Lots of people don’t live where they want to  because they want to be near family. I’m cool with that, I’m just not like that. I’d like to be near enough to travel weekends to see Drew, Beauty Queen, and HME. Perhaps they are my true family?

Lots of other people live in places where economics took them. I’m cool with that, but as far as I’m concerned, those seven years in Georgia are all I’m willing to sacrifice for a job. I’m still trying to cool off and rediscover all the freckles under my tan.

I’m no longer interested in listing reasons why I want to live where I do.  My answer now will be, “The Interwebz told me to.”

Find Your Spot

My husband and I took this quiz a few months ago, when we’d already decided, but just in case, hmm? Champaign-Urbana was #1 for him and #3 for me.

We need a life we choose.


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12 Responses to On Choosing a Life

  1. You say it so well, Joey 🙂


  2. Matt Roberts says:

    So uh… why Champaign-Urbana? 😀

    While I totally agree with you, I think most of the people are just making conversation. Then again I can’t say anything because I don’t hear the inflection of their voices… But I’m with you. Some people just don’t get it. They freak out when the dumbest, littlest thing crosses their path.

    “Have you seen the new thriller big-budget thriller movie?”

    That one gets me all the time. People flip the fuck out and kill baby monkeys if you tell t hem you missed a movie that apparently everyone, by law, is supposed to see. Or whatever else gets them like that. Music, movies, tv shows, sports, whatever. People flip the fuck out if you haven’t experienced what they think you should experience to be a successful human being. I hate those people.


  3. Can I get an “amen?”


  4. LOL!!! I get this alot!!


  5. Sherry says:

    That’s a cute site! I did mine the old fashioned way. Looked at maps and then found a site that you could plug in the city and it would give you pages of demographics all about it. We chose Las Cruces, and we are so glad we did. We love it here. But we arrived here having never set foot in it before, and just had a lot of hope. Everything turned out almost perfectly as I had dreamed. I mean it’s eerie it’s so close to being perfect. lol…Hope your choice turns out the same for you!


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