I Must Confess, This post Might make you Hungry

I must confess, it rained and stormed all day yesterday, and still it rains. Oh, that’s not my confession. My confession is that I didn’t get a single thing done in the yard, unless you count picking apples…and it’s not likely I’ll get anything done out there today, either!

I baked. I baked all day. Apple and pear pies and a crisp.
I must confess I don’t much care for apple pies. I know it’s terribly unAmerican of me, but I don’t care much for hot dogs, either, and my patriotism seems to die off from the loathsome sport of baseball.

I must confess, I adore pears so much more — fresh, baked, caramelized, even canned!


I must confess, I prefer apple crisps to apple pies. It’s the crisp part, isn’t it?
I prefer to eat only the edges of brownies as well.
While my family prefers the tender carrots and potatoes from the center of a roast, I must confess, I would rather scrape the caramelized dregs from the sides of the pan for myself.

I will bake two more apple-only pies today, because after those two, I must confess, I will be out of pie pans.
Sadly, I won’t be out of apples.
I may make some applesauce…
If only I knew how to can, I would try my hand at apple butter, because The Mister’s aunt makes the best apple butter in the world, which, I must confess, I stopped to eat yesterday, along with biscuits I made Friday.


I’d like to bake some Challah, but I must confess, I’ve only got about eight cups of flour left, so that will hafta wait.


Next weekend, I thought I’d try my hand at a cushaw/kershaw pie, since this enormous lovely squash was given to me.


I saw a recipe for a galette, using squash, caramelized onions and Feta, which I must confess, made my mouth water while I read it.

Yesterday, some friends came by to drop off a starter for Amish Friendship Bread, which I must confess, is one of my all-time favorite things to eat! Only six more days til the baking part!


Soon, those pumpkins on my front porch will be hollowed-out for carving, and I’m hoping there’s enough meat to make a few pies, because I must confess, I live for punkin pie!


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7 Responses to I Must Confess, This post Might make you Hungry

  1. Jewels says:

    I must confess, this is a great post! 😉 I just made an apple pie the other day, the first one I’ve made in years, and it was soooo good! I’ve been craving all things apple lately, wish I could take a few of yours off your hands! I too prefer to eat the edges of brownies, in fact, I put dibs on all the corner pieces whenever I bake brownies. Hey I baked them, I get first pick! You mentioned canning on my post the other day, maybe you could try canning apple jelly with all those apples? Yum! Sorry about the rainy weather there, we’ve got it here too at the moment. I don’t mind it though, it makes me feel all cozy and in the mood to bake. And nap. 😉


    • I nibbled on the apple & pear crisp with coffee this morning 😛
      I think I will read and research about canning over the summer, because I will have far too much gone to waste if I don’t can next year’s bounty!
      I, too, love the rainy days. I am quite content to bake and nap 🙂


  2. Sherry says:

    if you have a crock pot I can help with the apple butter. This is my recipe and worked great. It does have pumpkin, but I think you can just leave that ingredient out if you wish. here it is: http://everydaygoodthinking.com/2013/09/12/center-stage-slow-cooker-apple-pumpkin-butter-with-mountain-mama-cooks/ I haven’t put this in my cookbook yet, but I will be posting it today. Friend me on FB or go to http://mybestcookbook.wordpress.com and it will be there later today.


    • Oh how marvelous! Yes, I have a crock pot, which I would use to make applesauce, so I will peruse your recipe for apple butter. (I’m not opposed to pumpkin in it, either! pumpkin is wonderful — JUST NOT IN MA COFFAY! lol)
      Thank you so much, Sherry!


  3. kiandraq says:

    This is the most delicious post ever 🙂


  4. Matt Roberts says:

    Well, I was hungry BEFORE reading this. Dammit. I’m the same way, I love the edges, the burnt stuff, the caramelized stuff. I guess I get that from my dad, he’s the same way. Although I love all of the tasty roast ingredients, if it’s burnt, give it here. Mmm.


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