The Dining Room Project

I can’t write.
Y’all love it when I blog about my inability to blog, right?

I have begun The Dining Room Project.

It’s just cosmetic stuff.

Paintable wallpaper.

Ceilings is plural, because one of the arched doorways leads down a hallway, where I must extend the above.

My paint is called Flemish sky. Kinda wanna go to Flanders now…Kinda wanna paint the whole house this color!

diningpThe dining room is a small room, maybe 10×12. I’m glad it’s not a big formal room, or I might would just lie down and die!

As it is, it has given me fits.

The swag hanger wouldn’t stay put.

I scraped every bit of paint from the pail.

Did you even know, sometimes mouldings are just hangin there magically? That nails, or even adhesive, are apparently not required, but merely a suggestion to some?
Seriously, some of the moulding just was. Just..there..without..I dunno.

My knuckles are swollen, because my arthritis does not agree with my artistic inclinations.

I’ve got paint on my — everything.
It’s in my hair.
It has speckled my face.

12octobre 003








Also, I’m pretty sure that smell is me…

But when it’s done, maybe Tuesday, I will sit in that beautiful room, and I will smile as I admire all my hard work, while I work crossword puzzles write.




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9 Responses to The Dining Room Project

  1. Yeah, you’d probably like Flanders. Never too hot, plenty of rain…LIKE TODAY! The Flemish sky is that charming grey color that promises hours of cold drizzle. The paint is a lie…but then again, so is the cake. I like cake. ๐Ÿ™‚


    • LOL! I would like Flanders, because I like gray skies that promise hours of drizzle, and you know how I hate the hot, but what a fraud this paint is, hm?
      Someone told me Flemish sky is a plant, so I looked it up, and it’s not even close to the paint color!
      Cake? Where?!?


  2. Oh, and good luck with the dining room. I admire your hutzpa….yeah…I had to look that up but I think I’m using correctly ๐Ÿ˜›


  3. Jewels says:

    I had a number of painting projects of my own last summer when we redecorated the 3 upstairs bedrooms here at my mom’s house. It was sooo much work, and we still have the entire downstairs to do. I can totally relate to your swollen knuckles, my weak little girlie hands were really put to the test. Painting was the easy part, though not without it’s trials, but refinishing the hardwood floors underneath the carpet was the worst. If you have the inclination or interest in reading about any of it, I have some of my horror stories listed under “Home Improvement.”

    The Flemish Sky color you picked out for your dining room is lovely! I know what you mean about wanting to paint the whole house that color, I really adored the color I painted my room and felt the same way. I very well may paint the downstairs with it if my mom and my daughter agree to it. It shouldn’t be a problem, they are always coming in my room saying what a wonderful color it is. ๐Ÿ˜€


    • I will peruse your home improvement section, I will.
      This color truly makes me happy. I’m pleased with all the colors I’ve chosen, but I could stare at this one all day! I even scooted my porch chair to where I can admire it from outside, LOL!
      What color did you paint your room? Maybe I’ll find it in your blog?
      Thanks so much for your comment!


  4. Sherry says:

    ahhh you have my kudos for sure. We have hired out our desert sun room painting to an expert–actually the husband of my housekeeper. I have yet to decide on the color. The floor is a dark brown wood that my husband distressed, so it looks all scuffy. I’m figuring a whitish trim, maybe a bit tannish, with a bit lighter walls. That is neutral enough to fit any loveseat/double loungers I might find. I have to clean it up once they finish up the final crap on Tuesday–socket coverings and so forth. I love the Flemish blue btw. I am a turquoise person with coralish/orange, mostly. I dream of being dramatic in my house but am sooooo scared of drama in color….lol


    • Distressed wood, oooh!
      Did you know there are also color consultants you can hire to help choose paint colors?
      I’m true to blues in this house. The kitchen is white, Moo’s room is Cantaloupe Slice, and all the other rooms are, or will be a shade of blue. I’m very comfortable with colorful walls, although to be fair, there’s so much light in this house, anything too dark would be scary, and anything too light would hurt my eyes!
      I’m about halfway through my project, and I fear it will not be done until Wednesday, even though it’s only noon!


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