Did I tell you I have apple trees?

I do.
They weren’t taken care of for who knows how long, and certainly not this summer, so I’ve a fair amount of rotten apples in the yard, and few yummy ones on the branches.


I told myself that I would plant bulbs this Fall, but that’s it. I wouldn’t bother with the outside of the house until Spring.

Barbecues can wait. Fire pits can wait. Mums next Fall. Yes, they’re pretty, but next Fall, Joey, next Fall.

Except, rotten apples in my yard?! And Honeyvine Milkweed sprawling up and around, about to release pods full of seeds to replicate next year?!? And grasses that are overgrown and could use a bit of division before Winter replenishes them again?!

Oh, Imma hafta do it.

And plant the bulbs.
But that’s it.
I promise.

Unless you count raking…That doesn’t count, does it?
I mean, the mower mulches, but I’ll need to rake a few piles up for the girls, and maybe the dog, to play in, right?


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5 Responses to Outside

  1. Sherry says:

    I know what you mean….lol…always so much you want to do, only so much you can do. Lucky you with the apple tree. Maybe with some fertilizer you will have a bounty next year. I’ve already got the shrubs I’m going for next year, and this is our second summer here!


    • Oh, I don’t even want to think about Spring that way — that’s where those renovations lie — in the front of my house! Moving steps and erecting fence and … shhh, I’m not gonna think about it! lol


  2. I’m very impressed with the apples. If you get round to eating them fresh off the tree, there is nothing nicer


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