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It Couldn’t be Fall Without Chubby Squirrel

I didn’t feel like doin a One-Liner today, although if I did, it’d be, “Hang on, there’s a squirrel at the door.” Yes, Chubby lives on, although as it turns out, Chubby is a female who wasn’t so much chubby as … Continue reading

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We Can Just Cut It Off

Whenever I post stories of what I think are normal childhood things, there’s always some person who comments about how horrible it is, or how children shouldn’t be exposed to such things, so let me preface this by saying that … Continue reading

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I’m All About the Little Things

Because I’m a temperamental bitch, I get sick of the domestic bliss I so enjoy. I dunno. I needed a day off like anyone else, I suppose. I got one. I got to be a guest. I hadn’t seen them … Continue reading

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My Terrible Secret

Shhh..I’ll tell you a secret, my terrible secret, but you can’t tell anyone. We all have secrets, right? My best secret is that things happen and I don’t blog about them. But my terrible secret is truly terrible. Are you … Continue reading

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Miffy & Frank

Earlier this year I came to a realization about dreams: It is not what happens in dreams, but how we feel that determines our reaction. Maybe you already knew that. Maybe you don’t even remember your dreams. For someone like … Continue reading

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Number 1609 – Shay Leigh

Originally posted on 13 Stories 'Til Halloween:
The families living on Wicker Road had an ongoing tradition every Halloween which included best yard decorations, best themed costumes, as well as the best tricks or treats served up to their ghosts and…

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One-Liner Wednesday — On Tragedy

“Whoa! How many sad things happened?!?” Moo asked, when she came to find the rest of us crying in a room littered with used tissues. One-Liner Wednesdays are brought to you by LindaGHill 

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Meh — But There’s a Poll!

I’m in a sorta holding pattern, because my family has been home for their fall breaks, and we’ve been enjoying late nights and sleep-ins, neither of which promote productivity, and so, I suppose I’ve been on a fall break, too. Yes, … Continue reading

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Gothic Revival – Jolene Mottern

Originally posted on 13 Stories 'Til Halloween:
Dominic sat in the coat closet amidst the bare bones of his new house, ripping up traces of threadbare carpet. It was the last closet left. He’d started upstairs, and he’d torn carpet out…

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The Teaser Trailer that Threatens Terror

Nah, it’s probably not that scary, right? If you’re a lover of scary stories, here’s a teaser trailer for 2014’s 13 Stories ‘Til Halloween:   I’m pretty excited for this year’s stories. Really lookin forward to bitin off all my cuticles and … Continue reading

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