I’m NaNo-ing.
If I’m not around it’s because I’m NaNo-ing.

What is NaNo-ing?

It’s National Novel Writing Month and I am writing a novel. Well, not a whole novel, because I cannot write a novel in a month, and I think fifty-thousand words will barely scratch the surface of this novel.

I”m sorry to say that my novel from 2012’s NaNoWriMo isn’t done, but also, it’s at 89,452.

Last year’s NaNo piece is a fairly good chunk, hanging out around 14k, because I sorta bailed, failed, whathaveyou.

So yes, I have three unfinished novels, and one story I tinker with, as it evolves here and there, and I just don’t know what the hell it’s meant to be.
All I can say about it is that I have excellent initiative — I am really good at starting novels.
Oh, wait! That’s not all!
I am also aware that all of my settings are lakes. I’m personally attached to a lake setting, but I was still astounded when I realized that.

Worst of all, this novel is a fucking love story.
I hate romance.
I gag at romance.
I am about the least romantic person I know. I actually may be the least…I dunno, I’ll think on it.
My husband is romantic, and I endure it, but only because I can make fun of him. Okay, and I love him.

Anyway, I’m writing a fucking romance novel, but it will not, under any circumstances contain the phrases, “taken roughly in the barn” or “pulsating manhood” nor will there be any exposed nipples or windblown hair on the cover.

Fuck All, I can’t believe there’s a love story in me.

I gotta go NaNo s’more.


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29 Responses to NaNo-NaNo-Boo-Boo

  1. danicapiche says:

    Haha awesome! Very best wishes for NaNo-ing!

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  2. Dan Antion says:

    Well, I hope your love story includes your characteristic humor. Good luck Clue us in a couple of times. I mean if you’re writing 50,000 words, pecking out a few hundred more won’t be a burden.

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  3. mummyluvs says:

    You are braver than I to undertake this! Good luck! If you need an editor…I’m nosy!

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  4. Faith Simone says:

    “it will not, under any circumstances contain the phrases, “taken roughly in the barn” or “pulsating manhood” nor will there be any exposed nipples or windblown hair on the cover.”

    Thank you for sparing your future novel readers from ALL of those things! Wishing you the best on your latest Nanowrimo venture. And I think there’s a romantic hiding in there somewhere…

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  5. LindaGHill says:

    Have fun with NaNo! I wish I was joining you, but alas, busy this year. Got a trip to get ready for.
    I’m with Dan, let us know what’s going on. And put a twist in your romance, if it makes you feel better. Works for me! 😀


  6. I look forward to hearing the results of your NaNo’ing. Go for it! 🙂

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  7. meandcoffeefairy says:

    Barns settings are like hickies, , only suited for the young. Even water beds lose any charm after 25, more like it is 1000 count sheets on a Sleep Number Bed.

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  8. Like you, I hate romance novels too, but not the idea of reading a romance if that makes sense — so yours sounds like one I’d actually be into reading! Eager to hear how things go; all the best with your writing this month! 🙂

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  9. Sherry says:

    I think it would be grand to write a novel, but I don’t quite get the mechanics of it all, even though I’ve read a kazillion of them, and I have never come up with an idea that would serve as a plot. My creativity is apparently zero. I’m more the “collection of essays” sort I guess…

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  10. hollie says:

    I am so happy to hear that you’re not going to put “pulsating manhood” in your novel. I wish more romance novel writers would adopt that policy.


  11. JunkChuck says:

    I enjoyed NaNoWriMo last year, despite it’s monastic bent–those word quotas really piled up around my other responsibilities, and Thanksgiving just about killed me. Worth it, though, to have that big hunka hunka burning prose when all was said and done. Good luck, have fun, don’t forget to sleep and eat while you’re in the zone.

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  12. ~Lisa~ says:

    I just found your page, you have some really kick butt blogs, made me chuckle. I Love the background, did I mention I have a polka dot fetish, shit it’s more like a straight on step 12 addiction. Would love to know how you got the background and header. Wow that sounded kind of sexual. Keep blogging….=)


  13. meg68 says:

    A lake setting is a most perfect setting for a romance novel, if I may say so myself?

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  14. Haha! Well I’m sold! I’d love to read a romance written by someone who ‘gags at romance.’ Sounds right up my alley. It’s gonna be great. Good luck!


  15. Samara says:

    Just participating in this is a huge accomplishment. I don’t know if actually finishing a novel is as important as how dedicated you have to be to this process.

    And I think the name of your novel should be “Pulsating Manhood.”


  16. I would love to read your books. I bet your love stories are very relatable! How do you get yourself started? I get overwhelmed by the idea of it.


  17. Aussa Lorens says:

    Haha good luck! I think you’re all nuts 😉 Just kidding, I wish I could write with that amount of commitment and dedication… I have a new thing I’d like to start… at some point, ha.


  18. Matt Roberts says:

    I love your patience with your stories. I’m learning to have that myself, but I wish I had that with my first book. It needed more TLC that I just didn’t give it. Maybe one day I’ll pull it and fix it up. Maybe.


  19. I’m also great at starting novels! We should become friends and commiserate about this! Oh, wait…
    It’s blogs like this that made me fall in like with you so many moons ago.


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