SoCS — N is for No, No Thank You

Sometimes I hear people talking about things they used to do and how they’ve done their time, and they’ll never do it again…

“The next time I wear a suit and tie, it’ll be at my own funeral!” for instance.

Some people really do go on about it, and I’ll think  wow that’s like, quite a lot of baggage you’ve got there.

That’s as far as my judgement goes, because y’all, I’ve got quite a lot of baggage myself.

Recently I was asked if I was interested in a babysitting job. At first I was all oh yes, that’d be fine, i’d love to help, i’m good with kids, i have time, and ooh! extra money… I mean, I did babysit for years. These two kids belong to a woman I’ve known since she was a baby. Her family is one of the nicest I know. I would enjoy playing, eating animal crackers, and reading all the wonderful books with the precious little people. I would.

Then I started thinking extensively and my brain went to this dark place where it forgives but never forgets: car seats, choking hazards, diapers, poop, rashes, butt cream, vomit, fevers, dog bites, cat scratches, poisonous plants, bee stings, hard floors, busted heads, skinned knees, band-aids, coffee table corners, outlet covers, cords, potty training, “i do it!” children’s programming, strollers, messes you can’t even…


I barely lived through it.

I asked, “I suppose it wouldn’t be helpful if I only took the older one, hm?”

I’m a kid person. I never was a baby person.
I guess if you’re not a baby person, you can nurture your own babies with the support of your husband, your mother, his mother, his sister, your friends, your neighbors, basically a village, a pediatrician, Parenting magazine, twenty-two baby books, dozens of Little Einsteins videos — but once your babies are kids, you can go right back to not bein a baby person.

Are you a baby person? What have you decided you’ve done enough of?

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Stream of Consciousness Saturday is brought to you by LindaGHill.
She would’ve preferred that I use No as No. but alas, I could not.

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40 Responses to SoCS — N is for No, No Thank You

  1. Benson says:

    I think I used to be a baby person, not so much anymore. When they don’t cry it’s cool. We can snuggle and gurgle together. I used to be able to calm a crying baby but my Grand babies have taught me things change. I think they can sense fear.

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  2. baldjake70 says:

    I am a baby person. Well, I used to be. Not sure if I still am since I’ve not really been around a baby since seeing Gabe for the first time last summer. Who knows, I may not be a baby person any longer.

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  3. Ritu says:

    I am a baby person… in that I love the cuddles, the helplessness of that baby, but it’s the sleepless nights I couldn’t do any more!!!!
    So I’m a baby by day person!!

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  4. jan says:

    I say “no” to door-to-door fund raising – even for good causes.

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  5. I’m with you Joey, I was never a baby person. I did it lovingly for my children but in general with other people’s kids, that’s not me. I do not dislike babies but I would not take on a babysitting gig any day now. If and when I have grandchildren, I hope to be a little more into it. Many people assure me I will.
    Time will tell.

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  6. Your memories made me laugh. Butt cream and vomit. I am grateful that time softens those memories. But yeah, no babysitting for me, either…

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  7. My greatest accomplishment in life: having four babies. I got the best variety pack ever.

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  8. I was never an infant person. I like them as toddlers, when the personality and skills kick in. 👶 ☺

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  9. Dan Antion says:

    I think I did OK as a baby person. I only had one shot at it. I was the youngest child of the youngest child, so, no babysitting cousins or siblings. Once cousins started having babies, I think they already knew that I was pretty irresponsible. They would let me walk their dog but not watch the baby.

    As far as what I don’t do…I used to do a lot of my own car repair. I enjoyed it and I was pretty good at it. Now, it seems that cars are a bit to sophisticated and stuff.

    I still wear a suit from time to time. I’m OK with wearing a suit.

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  10. orbthefirst says:

    Im not a baby person in such a way that as soon as they start making noise, Im either outta there, or “Is there a way we can hang out and talk like normal people? Because loud?” (Ive actually asked that. And yes, Im crass, but when you can fit 75 years of crying screaming, fussing and biting in the ten minutes or so it takes me to walk in and get settled..) But if hes, like, 7 and all I gotta do is make sure he doesnt stab his sisters, THAT I can do. 😛

    Im done with bars. Not even for food.Unless Im getting chased off a trail by a bear and thats the only place for me to go..yea. Done with bars. Once youve lived in an apartment attached to one and get involved in the “politics of the place,” theyre all the same. And Im done with that.

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  11. Chez Shea says:

    I love this! I never had a maternal bone in my body, until I had my three kids- then I became obsessed by them. As they are growing up, I’ve reverted right back to type. Must be hormones that kick in when you need them, and then desert you when you don’t.

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  12. It is a lot of work and responsibility. I think that would an added stress to feel responsible for someone else’s children. I had 2 babies so I do have personal experience. 🙂

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  13. Anxious Mom says:

    I love babies. Like up to about 3 months old or so. I’d watch the hell out of that age. Otherwise, I don’t want to watch anyone’s kids, and lord knows I have been asked to do so (for free) since I have “nothing else to do all day.”

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  14. Susan says:

    “Having a baby” was a checklist thing. I had to miscarry before it became more. And even then, I was very business-like about it because I became a single parent when she was only one.
    I’m a kid person. Up to the age of two all she did was eat, poop, sleep, and unfortunately, said “no” a lot. Ha! By three she was a kid and our real relationship started.
    She’s 26 now and what I’ve done enough of is sugar coating things with her – tell her the whole truth about everything!

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    • joey says:

      I like that you’re like me like that. I’m totally feeling biased about your comment. Three is a great age, even better if potty-trained 🙂


  15. wendyj59 says:

    I think kids can be fascinating at most ages. But it can be a steep learning curve at times. Babysitting? No thanks although I do hope for grandchildren at some point for spoiling time. I’m sure it’s not the same thing lol

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  16. joannesisco says:

    God no! Children terrify me … especially babies. I barely survived my own children, except Husband was absolutely amazing. Please don’t leave me alone with them. They smell fear.

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  17. I love babies, but they are truly hard work. I find babies easier to handle than the busy toddler that keeps you running after them.

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  18. John Holton says:

    I babysat a little bit when I was too young to get a job, and the first night I did I ended up having to change a two-month-old baby. Geez, what do they put in kids that small? I nearly fainted from the smell, and it was green…

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  19. dalecooper57 says:

    No. No I’m not, thank you.


  20. Laura says:

    I *think* I’m a baby person, but it’s been a while since I’ve actually lived it. I think I’m a “oh, they’re adorable, can I hold her, I could snuggle all day, I can even handle a diaper, but oops I like to sleep” kind of baby person.

    What have I had enough of? Passive-aggressive bitchiness and girls who call each other fat. SO over those.

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  21. larva225 says:

    I wasn’t a baby person until I had my own. Now, I can almost (read that with much implied italics) understand the Duggars. Not the weird cult-like aspect. Just the love of kids. I am still coming to grips with the fact that my shop is closed. My kids are growing so damn fast. Sorry. That did turn into a SoC.

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  22. Not really a baby person. I adored mine, but those were tough years. I love holding friend’s babies!

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