Share Your World #41

Do you believe in love at first sight?
I don’t know. Just because it hasn’t happened to me doesn’t mean it’s impossible. I sure think people know what they want when they see it.

Your first car?
Plymouth Horizon — If you’re too young to know, it was a four-door hatchback. Mine was baby blue and I appreciated it for five years. The extent of my true weirdness emerged around the time I started driving. I know this because I was afraid my parents would buy me the red Firebird. I’m not kidding.

Who taught you to ride a bike? How did it go?
I do not remember. I had learned to ride at someone else’s house and when my father picked me up, I showed him I could ride a bike and then he bought me one of my very own — The Prairie Flower, Ooh!


Ugly and rich or beautiful and poor?
Haha, how ugly, how poor? Flash to me livin in a bell tower! My happiness would probably still depend on the capacity of my mind and the quality of my soul.

What was the first dish you could cook?
Toast? Bacon? Biscuits? Grilled cheese? Apple bread? I don’t know, I could cook quite a bit in elementary school. How about something more interesting, like when I got to college, I had no idea how to work my coffee pot, and when I got my own apartment I had to call and ask my dad how to boil eggs, and I was 30-somethin before I figured out how to properly cook rice.

vintage joey

drew made this for me



Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?
This last week, I am grateful The Mister has taken such good care of me while I’ve had this stupid cold. He’s been really, really helpful and super nice, which if you know my husband…well, I’m just grateful.
This week coming up has Sassy playing 80s tunes in concert, the girls and I meeting up with Benson, and hopefully our family will take a trip to the countryside for fall foliage-viewing rituals and whatnot.



Cee’s Share Your World is a weekly feature and all are welcome to play along.

What’s going on in your world?

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43 Responses to Share Your World #41

  1. Josh Wrenn says:

    FYI, the correct answer to “Do you believe in love at first sight?” is, “Yes I’m certain that it happens all the time.” Sung, preferably.

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  2. jan says:

    The first thing I learned to cook was popovers – in home ec class!

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  3. honestme363 says:

    I miss those banana seats!

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  4. Bradley says:

    I don’t remember the first thing I cooked either. Know it’s going to drive me crazy all night trying to remember.


  5. I’m glad you had someone to help you with your cold.
    I think I remember the Horizon. I remember hatchbacks. I saw one in a parking lot recently and caught myself flashing back to the good old days.

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  6. Dan Antion says:

    So, how old were you when you first made biscuits? ‘cuz, that could make a difference on the whole love at first sight thing.

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  7. Joanne Sisco says:

    I’m not sure anyone taught be how to ride a 2-wheeler, although I remember clearly the day my dad took the training wheels off my bike. I promptly rode my bike into a parked car.
    Perhaps I should have learned from this as an omen that I should stay away from bikes 😉

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  8. Anxious Mom says:

    My grandmother used to always complain about people not knowing how to make rice properly. She’d flat out tell my stepmom not to bring rice to family meals because she didn’t know how to do it right 😀

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  9. Benson says:

    When I was younger I believed in love at first sight. The older I get I become more like Tina Turner. My first car was a 1957 Chrysler Saratoga. The “Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine.” I taught myself how to ride a “big” bike using my sister’s. I liked your answer to that ugly/rich question. Very noble and poetic. I am more pedestrian. How about a little negotiation. Homely with an annuity. It seems I was always helping my mom with the cooking. My first complete solo meal was steak roulade for dinner. I was 16. I am grateful for the lovely weather we are having. Cool enough to walk around and go to the gym yet sunny enough for me to enjoy the walk. Also looking forward to meeting up with Joey and Sassy and Moo this coming week. Thanks for Sharing.

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  10. Ally Bean says:

    The first thing I learned to cook was either Jell-O or Campbell’s Vegetable Beef Soup. I’m with you in the bell tower. I’m more concerned about a person’s ability to think clearly and behave morally, than the looks/money angle of things. Nice bike, btw.

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  11. garym6059 says:

    1986 Chevy Nova hatchback first car. I had to hire me a publicist to keep the chicks away it was such a babe magnet. Did I mention it had 300,000 miles on it and this was around 1995!

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  12. Cee Neuner says:

    My bike had a red banana seat too. 😀 Thanks for sharing this week.

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  13. Laura says:

    You know, I STILL haven’t mastered boiling eggs. I’m a little embarrassed to try, frankly. It’s one thing to suck at preparing eggs in your twenties, but in your forties?! Sheesh.

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    • joey says:

      I’ll tell you what my dad told me and then you’ll be all set. Put the eggs in a pot of cold water, leave plenty of room for bubbling, set them on the appropriate burner, turn the heat up, and come back in 20 minutes.
      Then I’ll tell you what I discovered through the internet. The older the eggs, the easier they peel and if you want to tackle them right away, remove from heat and heap the pot with ice cubes — when the ice is melted, they’re cool enough to handle.


  14. A friend told me about a great way to hard boil eggs. Steam them and then put them in ice water. The shells just fall off. There’s a YouTube video. In the past, I’d always have them done the right amount, but lose half the egg in the peeling process.
    My first car was a red Camaro, about 10 years old, and manual shift. I loved that car.

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  15. ghostmmnc says:

    You didn’t want a red Firebird???

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  16. My first car was a used Dodge Omni. I think it was a sister car to the Plymouth Horizon. I drove it in high school and college. It was a good, little car. It only had AM radio, but at least it had AC. 🙂

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