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Jot Jinx

I’m not sayin I jinxed it, but I was home sick today. Then I was at the doctor’s office sick. Then I was at the pharmacy sick before being home sick again. I feel much better. Mostly I’m relieved and … Continue reading

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Everything’s Coming Up Roses. On Tuesday?

It’s not. It’s not coming up roses. It’s January. It’s coming up slushy, messy, dirty, icy, slidy — but it seems I am part penguin? I simply slide on through. I am experiencing an unusually pleasant series of circumstances wherein … Continue reading

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Fings n’ Stuffs v. Merry & Bright

Right, So, I’ve not been blogging. I think I was about five minutes away from recallin y’all like a fond memory, “A long, long time ago, when I was a blogger…” There were so many things I wanted to tell … Continue reading

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All Romantical n Shit

Sassy was goin on about boyfriend texts — texts all sweet and romantic. I said, “Ya know what I like when Daddy texts?” “Hm?” “Coffee’s on.”   Let’s do this thing. Happy Friday Everyone! 

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New Lappy is Not Lappy

As they do, retailers have all kinds of cheap gadgets online, check availability at local store, choose three to look at, arrive there only to be told the most expensive one is the only one available at brick n’ mortar … Continue reading

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Where were you in 1973?

I was gettin born. This is 45, hashtag no filter. However, I’m having a lovely rosacea flare, and going to work, so there’s a bit of makeup there. Sometimes it’s just one pink or red splotch, but the last 4-5 … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving 2018

Well I am just so grateful. I tell you what, I have quite a list! I talked to my mommy on Sunday for two-and-a-half hours. I love my mommy. I miss her so much. Stupid Florida. The boy one is … Continue reading

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Like, Alawt

I always joke that my driver’s license makes me look like one of the peoples from Wall-e. You remember the chair-bound peoples? Yeah, in my license photo, my face is round and huge and peachy and my hair is straight. … Continue reading

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Mary shared her One-Liner Wednesday featuring a Mittens meme, and it cracked me up. I’m so glad my cats don’t text me. If they did: Cletus would send videos all day, “Look at me! Are you watching? Mama, Mommy, Mooohhm! … Continue reading

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I Shine On and I Laugh

I wasn’t shootin for a Beatles theme this week, but here we are, A Day In The Life — or a week o’ mine. … The Mister began, “Taylor Swift passed,” We all stared at him with wide eyes. “Wha?!?” … Continue reading

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