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Why Time Change is Stupid, and Other Eloquent Crap

Do you know what happens when you get caught up in life and neglect your blog? What happens to me is that I have four unfinished drafts and a lack of focus. BUT! That doesn’t mean I can’t blog to … Continue reading

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Better than A Scaredy Cat, Not quite as Awesome as a Duck…

I’m winning at anxiety. I’m not going to declare I’ve won. I don’t even know if that’s possible. But I do know that I’m feeling…normal? normal-er? better? Let’s stick to better. It’s been about three years since I was diagnosed. … Continue reading

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Sleeping on the Job

For years, I have been a stay-home mommy. You know what the joy of being the stay-home mommy is? Constant assumptions and judgement. Oh, no, wait, that’s the joy of being a woman. Oh, no, I mean, the joy of … Continue reading

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Let the Mama Sleep

While I could write a post entirely devoted to how tired, overwrought, and premenstrual I am, I’ve decided, instead, to write about Mother’s Day. I know it’s trendy, but I am a mother, and I couldn’t possibly let y’all forget … Continue reading

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Oh the Happy!

Pardon me, while I wrestle with my happiness. So sorry, beg pardon.   Let’s begin with the fact that I sleep well. Granted, my in-laws are old people, so while it’s 72 or so downstairs it’s 108 upstairs. I’m more … Continue reading

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