Destination: Grocery Store

On New Year’s Night, The Mister and I had a date.

I really needed to go to the store that day, but dates are so much more fun than grocery shopping. Grocery shopping never curls my toes. Grocery shopping, no matter how much you’re in love with one another, is not a date.


This is the part of our date I can show you.


Long after that part, there were other delicious parts which I cannot show you. That’s when we realized there was snow outside. We hadn’t heard snow was coming.

The following morning, snow had covered everything, and still it snowed.

It’s a bit of a novelty to me. I hadn’t seen it snow like that in years, and I was mesmerized by it.
The weather reports indicated that we should get 1-5 inches, but we were already at 8.5 by mid-afternoon. Apparently, no one informed the Department of Transportation about the snow, either, so I didn’t feel too badly about not knowin.

We’d planned to get the kids and go to the grocery, because we had just about nothin left to eat around here after the Christmas wore off.
I get anxious when we get low on food. I’m not a hoarder, or a coupon queen. I don’t have stockpiles of food, but I freak out when we run out of meal-making items.


I never was one of those cool single people who only keep condiments and beer in the fridge. And once I had children, well, for those of you who don’t know, children need to eat all of the time. They are growing. They spend all their time engaged in using their bodies and brains. They almost never shut up, and they almost never stop moving. This uses energy faster than an iPhone, and requires constant fueling. While I prefer to graze here and there, these young people prefer their grazing habits are offset by three large meals a day. Every day.

So yeah, we were definitely going to go to the grocery store!

Except….Drew dropped the children off, and invited us to MIL’s for dinner, so we did that instead.
Don’t judge me. You should know that my MIL makes the best, most tender and juicy corned beef brisket in the entire world.
Having stayed at The Palace of Rules well into the night, we agreed we’d go to the grocery the following day.

And we did.
And we bought all the foods.

date5I’m just glad it wasn’t a two-cart experience!

Going to the store was particularly clever since there’s going to be some kind of Snowpocalypse here for the next few days. They’re predicting about a foot of snow, and bitter cold. Temps will dip into the negatives and stay that way, with windchills that are, to me, ghastly.

The Mister’s employer may put him up in a hotel overnight Sunday, depending.

There is no school Monday, and we’ll see about Tuesday.

But I’ve got groceries, dammit!

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14 Responses to Destination: Grocery Store

  1. LindaGHill says:

    There might not be any school here for mine on Monday either, mostly because the bus drivers are a bunch of woosies. As if 17 days off wasn’t enough…


    • lol!
      OMG, Linda, I could only tell you privately how impossible the bus for these girls has been this year. I would need to swear every other word and wave my loud Italian hands!


      • LindaGHill says:

        Haha! I was aghast the first time I found out the buses weren’t running when I moved here four years ago. Where I moved from, we had to have had three feet a day for two days running before they’d even think about pulling the buses.


  2. meANXIETYme says:

    We’ve got similar weather heading our way, but we only got 6″ of snow. And we haven’t gotten to the grocery store, either! We’re eating out of the freezer…
    Stay warm and safe!


  3. Sherry says:

    We feel for you guys…My husband says he might just put on a pair of socks with his sandals, you know, in solidarity…*grin*…really sorry you guys are getting the ugly part of winter.


    • I’ll be fine so long as the dog goes outside to make! Tell your husband that kind of solidarity is completely unnecessary and that he should enjoy his climate 🙂
      I sure do!


  4. do they do snow days there, in which schools stop, people don’t go to work, etc? Parts of Canada do, parts like where I live expect us to plow through, regardless of cold or snow.


    • Yes. Today is a snow day for all schools here in central Indiana, and some businesses were closed. Yesterday, nearly nothing was open. The further one is from the city (and the big DOT) the more things are closed.
      The cold alone will keep schools closed, because danger to children. But the roads can create snow days too, more for schools than businesses.
      Country schools here lose a lot of days.


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