I’m Adaptable Like That

We’re adjusting to our new schedule, and it’s been, well, an adjustment.
It sorta sucks to adjust, doesn’t it? And when you’re moving, and you know you’ll have to adjust all over again, it makes you a little less adjust-y, or maybe angst-y?

I dunno, cause some of you thrive in change and get restless without it. I get restless, but I just take a walk or start a project or go on a trip…
I like my home life to be boring predictable, because I’m an introvert and my home is my recharging center.

Sassy has entered intermediate school, which is not to be confused with middle school, because the middle school is the other half of the building. She has to be on the bus at five after seven. Which means that I am waking her up at six a.m.

I fucking hate six a.m. like I fucking hate fire ants.

morningMoo attends her same elementary school from last Spring, so she doesn’t get on the bus until twenty after eight.

It’s much more peaceful that they’re not awake together in the morning. You probably can’t truly appreciate that unless you have more than one kid. Sassy leaves, and then I wake Moo. Half the drama.

There’s still drama, because Sassy has uniforms, and wants me to straighten her thick, curly hair every morning, while I really want to drink coffee and stare at my phone. Life is full of disappointment, so I made her rock her curls today.

The girls come home at different times, too. Also nice.

The Mister comes home most randomly. And might I add, yay for shirts and ties? And yay for dry cleaners?

I look at The Mister and I think: You look so handsome. The fact that I won’t need to press that shirt makes you look even finer. *gushes*

We closed on our house Friday, and our belongings are scheduled to be delivered tomorrow.
Been cleaning and painting.
Also? It seems like we spend a great deal of time traveling back and forth from here to there, to storage, to shops, to here to there. Saturday could have been named “Carday” for all that time of collecting and transporting things.

I am very excited to register the girls in school again. And super excited to get all new paperwork about those schools. The only way I could be any more excited about enrollment forms and piles of paperwork is if someone could set fire to my hair while I’m filling all those forms out.

Now, The Mister has just started his new schedule, too.

So guess what? It’s been five months of adjustment, and no stability in sight.

Good thing I’m so adaptable!

I just prefer structure.
Structure is so comfy. Like sweatpants.


You know you want ’em.
Oh? Is it just me then?

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6 Responses to I’m Adaptable Like That

  1. Sherry says:

    I just never know when all the sudden, it seems “normal” to wake up in this house, and walk down this street, and drive on this freeway and shop here, and look there. As if I have always done it. When does that happen exactly? Sometime between planting flowers and the first year, but exactly when, I dunno. Happy discovery!


  2. Matt Roberts says:

    I’m the same way. I hate change, unless it’s absolutely necessary. Change makes me nervous. I had a small nervous breakdown this last time we had to move. It sucks.


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