Hoodie Weather in May? Yay!

We had a predicted high of 67F/20C yesterday, although I don’t know how warm it actually got. In the afternoon, I opened all the windows and ran errands. Sometime before six o’clock my family members picked up quilts and gingerly asked if they could close some of those windows.
“ARE YOU COLD?!” I asked, with a mixture of defense and perplexity.
They all nodded.
“Yes, alright, fine.”

Y’all know what they were thinkin, don’tcha?
Is it cold enough for ya, Ice Queen?!?

After dinner, I closed one of our bedroom windows, but I left the other cracked, because you know, I hate to sleep hot.

LOL run, LOL

random lol

I’m pretty sure Indy has had snow in May at least once. I vaguely remember somethin about snow closing the track. I should call my parents to confirm, but maybe I’ll just ask The Mister to call his parents instead. We’ll never know, now will we?

Moo and I went out to cut peonies last night before the sun went down.
I am the idiot who left the dog out back.
Sadie barked from the front porch.
“Is that our dog?”
“Oh my God, yes, that’s our dog. Please let the dog in.”
“Aww, she’s so cold!”
“She’s fine. She’s a dog.”

the peonies began to open yesterday

look! peonies!

When we went to bed, The Mister had already closed that one cracked window. Good thing he did, because there was no chance of sleepin hot.
I slid into bed with the scary cold sheets and asked, “You want I add another quilt?”
Now, it did occur to me that I could turn the heat on. No, I don’t know how cold it was, but it’s May, how cold could it have been?

I slept like a rock.

This morning Moo huddled up on my side of the bed. I wrapped my arm around her, got the shock of her cold nose and noticed her teeth were chattering. I asked, “Would you like to turn the heat on?”
She nodded.

As we left for the bus and the furnace chugged on, it was 47 outside and 57 inside. Isn’t that nice? Aren’t you happy that I’m not livin in Georgia, bitchin about the heat? Surely you wanna know what the temp is where I usta live.

It’s 89, feels like 92F/33C, with sunshine, 50% humidity, and a 9 on the UV index.
(This means Moo’s the only one who could go out to get the mail without sunscreen, because the rest of us are as white as cold, Indiana sheets!)

that cone was yellow, but it didn't wear sunscreen

that cone was yellow, but it didn’t wear sunscreen

We won’t get out of the 50’s here today. That makes me feel warm inside. This hoodie is nice, too.

You wanna talk about the weather? Sunscreen? Escapist pets? Peonies? Go ahead.

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33 Responses to Hoodie Weather in May? Yay!

  1. thatssojacob says:

    It’s colder here in Wisconsin, I think, but it should get better tomorrow.

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  2. Your peonies are really pretty 🙂 If we get 20 degrees C over her then we think we are having a really nice hot day, and in the summer 30 degrees is a heatwave!

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  3. Benson says:

    Since I still live in Indiana I occasionally wear a hoodie; even in May. I work out at a gym downtown and when I do I take the City Bus. I usually leave early when it can be a bit nippy, which calls for the hoodie. The other day I got a glimpse of my self and I looked like a flippin’ tramp. Faded red hoodie, white T shirt, black sweats and cheap tennis shoes. No wonder folks on the street avoided my gaze. So the point of my remark is hoodies can be useful but sometimes maybe they should stay at home. With the snuggie.

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    • Haha! I agree, certain hoodies do make one look less than groomed, but they’re always the most comfy ones! I’m hangin out in one my nephew gave me. He bout wore it out, but it’s good for home and garden!

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  4. Sherry says:

    If there weren’t people like you who like cold, perhaps we might convince the weather god to keep it warmer.. So it’s all your fault..

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  5. Josh Wrenn says:

    We’ve been freaky cold here the last week too. My feet feel like icicles. The strange thing is that May and even sometimes June do that here, We’ll have a week of near 90 and then the next we are lucky to beat 50. The mountains are finally seeing a tiny bit of snow, but it likely won’t be enough to really help the drought. I have heard there is an El Nino in the Southern Pacific that is not declining as it usually does by this time, and they predict that it could turn into a Super El Nino event that is back-to-back and affects the west like when California got all those floods and landslides one fall. We’ll see. All I know for sure is that my feet are SO cold!

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    • Sorry about your cold feet. I read your piece on El Nino the other day, but I haven’t seen much else about it.
      Near 90. Ugh.

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      • Josh Wrenn says:

        Yes, when I lived here last, that winter had a stretch for about a month where the high never got above 20 and there was snow on the ground. The snowstorms lasted until mid-June with a day or two of 88 thrown in for good measure. In late August, we had a 3 day stretch of 110. High desert climate is weird!

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  6. The flowers are beautiful, the cone made me laugh, and I think you can keep the cold weather to yourself!

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  7. Dan Antion says:

    It’s 60 here at 5:00. I was just put sitting with the dog, wearing a hoodie. But I wear a hoodie all summer cause Mrs controls the AC.

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  8. ALMOST had frost warning last night. But dodged that bullet. A brisk day for laundry on the line.
    Speaking of lines: the funniest here? “I should call my parents to confirm, but maybe I’ll just ask The Mister to call his parents instead.” I snorted.

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  9. Your peonies are beautiful. I have three peony plants in my garden that belonged to my grandfather. I transplanted the tubers from his garden a number of years ago.

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  10. Jewels says:

    Oh peonies! Pretty! Mine are just starting to get buds. I don’t usually bring them indoors though because ants, ew, but gosh they’re lovely in a vase! 🙂

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    • If you want to cut — Do it at night, put them bloom down in a bucket of cold water, and go back about an hour later. (The Mister’s auntie’s tip)
      I found one ant while I assembled them.
      These are so thick and full, I think old, that I will need to thin them even after I cut all the blooms lil by lil. They’ll mildew somethin awful if I don’t. :/
      And thanks, Jewels 🙂

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      • Jewels says:

        Thanks for the tip! Ants freak me out. The ones here are old too, I think I planted them for my mom over 20 years ago, but they don’t seem overly crowded. Isn’t it too late to thin them? I thought it was best to do it when they first start poking up.


        • I never bother them until they’ve bloomed. We bought the house in August and it had been a very wet spring. They were covered in mildew. I told my mother I had peonies, but I didn’t know if they were healthy. I had The Mister mow them down and I put something on them, I don’t remember now, but something natural and gentle, not a product. Whatever my mother said, lol!
          They came in pretty last year, but so thick I cut piles off, little by little, so air could pass through. It was alright, no mildew.
          I wouldn’t want to damage the tubers, ya know?
          Do you thin yours before they start to bud? Just the center?

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  11. Anxious Mom says:

    I’m so jealous of that weather. You know what it’s like here right now.

    I’m about to die laughing over here at your Ice Queen post! My husband is the same, always wanting to snuggle (kill me) and always falling asleep anywhere, snoring, and then denying it like I accused him of cheating or something when I tell him he’s sleeping and to move over.

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  12. markbialczak says:

    Yeah, cold here today, too, Joey. Did not get out of 50s. No windows open. My dear wife Karen came home from work and I asked her if she wanted me to turn on the heat. No. Still no at almost 11. Won’t happen. I’ll feel colder than her, I know it. I love my hoodie. I could throw it on in the morning if I must!

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  13. April says:

    Peonies are my favorite flower. As for Georgia, I’m not complaining—I’m loving the heat and humidity, but I also love our air conditioning.

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  14. I don’t know how you’re going to handle hot flashes in the far, far, far away future. Perhaps an igloo will do out in the backyard at least for sleeping purposes. Love, love, love your peonies.

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