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One-Liner Wednesday — That Wasn’t a Sneeze!

I turned to Sassy to ask what was with all the sloshing noise, “Is Moo doin dishes or givin herself a sink bath?!” “I dunno.” Sassy sighed and then tilted her head back and barked as loudly as she could, “Moo-Mae!” “Bless … Continue reading

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Be With Someone Who Doesn’t Like Your Nuts

Yesterday’s Daily Prompt was about soulmates and it was asked, “Who is the yin to your yang?” I started writing about it yesterday, but life got in the way. I brought this up with The Mister today. It turns out, … Continue reading

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Much man. Very taco.

I was reading about Dan’s youthful chicken-eatin days, and it reminded me of the time I invited a giant to come eat all of our tacos. I hesitate to say I was once in love with the giant, but I certainly … Continue reading

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Stupid Nosy Stuff

I used to love these things. I love the tidbits you uncover about people, especially the things in common — OMG Yellow is your favorite color too!?! or the unbelievable things about others, like, someone actually hates rice?!? Is that … Continue reading

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Gnocchi for Prajakta

Last month, Prajakta asked for a picture of the gnocchi. Here’s tonight’s gnocchi, Prajakta! Gnocchi never look like much, do they? You can’t tell by the photo that they taste like dreamy lil pasta pillows. I only like to make … Continue reading

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#Thursday Doors — Old Cafe-Curtained Garage

As I mentioned before, the doors around here are quite dull. They’re almost all versions of the same common insulated exterior door, pretty much like my own dull door. Like any other large city, Indianapolis is divided into communities or … Continue reading

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One-Liner Wednesday — Strange Wisdom

When The Mister and I were gettin serious, I asked my friend Mick if he thought I’d do a good job raising children that weren’t my own. He asked me, “Can you make a delicious baked potato if you’re not … Continue reading

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The Taste of Home

Yesterday, I made this tortellini soup. The daughter of my old friend, Tori, no longer with us, asked me for the recipe. Y’all know I don’t really do recipes, but I sent her directions. The power of a good soup … Continue reading

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En Route — A Rant

If you looked at the texts between The Mister and me, you’d be bored to tears because it’s exactly what you’d expect. Boring married parent stuff, with loving, sexy bits and occasional rants. You’d find that almost every day, there’s a message from … Continue reading

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Learning To Ride a Bike

You know those memes about first kid, second kid, etc? Here’s one: People who take care of smaller people all day do like to utilize their intellect for something, and may well perform psychological experiments on the job. Over the years … Continue reading

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