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Share Your World — March 20, 2017

How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are? I dunno, anywhere between five and infinity, depending? I don’t look my age, and I don’t often feel it. I am, at times, aware of limitations. I feel … Continue reading

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SoCS — This Woman is Done

Managed to get through the week. Thought we’d never get to #ThursdayDoors and Thursday Kittens — thank you for the extras, eschudel. Thought we’d never get home last night. Chose side effects over pain this week. Manic pace. Dizzying. Demanding. So … Continue reading

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Funny Phone Fings

We all tease The Mister because he’s one of those people who types forever to say very little. Are you familiar with THE BUBBLES? For a hundred years I stare at my phone, watchin the little bubbles dance. boy he must … Continue reading

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#ThursdayDoors — A Night at the Symphony

Sassy was one of twelve students asked to play before the symphony’s performance last night. Those students played as people walked in. They provided intro music. This particular night at the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra featured Student Side-By-Side. The best of the best high school … Continue reading

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Still Thankful, Every Day

On this day four years ago, I arrived back home again, in Indiaaaaana! Video for those of you who don’t get the reference… It was a long journey, and a long-awaited one. You can read about it here. If you’ve … Continue reading

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It’s Tuesday, and I’m a Slacker

Tuesdays are for complaining, yeah? I feel like Share Your World highlights gratitude on Monday. Sometimes I write those posts through my teeth, because I really do wanna complain. Monday, bleh, blah, argle blargle, huff. Gratitude is crucial when you want … Continue reading

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Share Your World — March 13, 2017

Do you push the elevator button more than once?  Do you really believe it makes the elevator faster? No. But in college, I pushed the button again if the light on the panel went dim. My dorm elevator was wonky. It … Continue reading

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SoCS — Short & Sweet

I spent the week shopping. Please remember I hate shopping. Shopping on weekends is the worst. There are so many people out there. So I did it on the weekdays. Cause I was livin like Old Mother Hubbard. I made … Continue reading

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The Sound of Headphones

I freakin hate when kids get to that stage where they live in headphones. I do. I know it’s the norm and that they have to have their music and their video chats. I know that it saves me from … Continue reading

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#ThursdayDoors — Apartment Rehab

  I researched my building for today’s #ThursdayDoors and discovered it was not always the tidy, stately gem it is today. First I found it’s an apartment building, largely inhabited by seniors. It’s a Section 8 place. Leasing requires its inhabitants … Continue reading

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