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From There to Pears

Long ago, I rented a townhouse close to the happening area of the city. This year of my life is what I refer to as “The Good Ol’ Days.” High school years were not the best years of my life. I … Continue reading

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We say Fuck A Lot: A Rant

This day started out all kindsa sucky. I awoke to The Mister’s alarm. Since The Mister didn’t come to bed until 5:45, he wasn’t hearing it. I thumped him and we had words. I no longer remember what the words … Continue reading

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December Fifth

Today is The Mister’s birthday. I will always remember this day, but not just for his birthday. It’s strange the things that stay in our minds. Fifteen years ago today, I was standing on Viv’s porch, in Urbana, Illinois, having … Continue reading

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On Drama and Deformity

Maybe some of you have never experienced any sorta psychic mumbo-jumbo like I have, but I bet some of you have. Sometimes it’s a feeling, or a sight, or a sound, but it’s always a knowing. Knowing happens in such … Continue reading

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The Wrath of the Negative

It’s often said that you can tell who your real friends are when you’re down. I’ll agree to that, to a certain extent, but there are other truths in there as well. Like, misery loves company, everyone loves a sad … Continue reading

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You Probably Missed Me

Y’all prolly thought I went to Chicago and never came back. I admit that would’ve been ideal, and we did stay until late Monday, but I’ve been negligent in posting since. It was a phenomenal visit. It always is. Worth … Continue reading

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Take a Little Trip, Take a Little Trip

The Mister and I, along with the Irish twins, of course, are off to visit our HME for the weekend. For our purposes here, we’ll say she lives in Chicago. HME is daughter to Viv and one of my oldest … Continue reading

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Warning: This Blog Contains Caffeine

Just after a thorough cleaning, MIL’s coffee pot began leaking water as it brewed.  I joked with her and said, “Maybe it was only the corrosion holding it together.” You know how neat freaks are about water, as I said here.  Me? … Continue reading

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On Choosing a Life

People who don’t know me well ask me all the time, “Why Champaign-Urbana?” This annoys the piss out of me. In order to explain why I like it there, I’m somehow putting down every other place on earth. Have Y’all … Continue reading

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Two Days in Champaign-Urbana

We went to check out some things in Champaign-Urbana, where we want to relocate. It could have been like a mini-vacay, but I experienced anxiety and heartache? at leaving my girls. However, the trip did involve recurrent Starbucks and no … Continue reading

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