EvDaDaDe Fail

Alright, you caught me. Technically, I am writing this blog at 11:52 on the tenth, but I know it won’t be posted until after midnight.

The Mister’s computer monitor went out. We don’t have another compatible monitor, so he’s had to use my computer all evening. Because, when is the best time for your monitor to go out? Why, when you need to activate your student email address, enroll in classes, calculate the cost of your books, and complete five thousand forms, of course! This took precedence over my blogging, because um, education!

I’m really glad we’ve gotten to a place in life where The Mister can finish his education, and I’m all about him takin care of business, so it’s a small price to pay for not properly keeping up with Every Damn Day December.

Additionally, when I did log in, WordPress would have liked for me to authenticate my account.

Murphy’s Law and all that.


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11 Responses to EvDaDaDe Fail

  1. Aussa Lorens says:

    Hahaha I love the photo with the dog. I feel like that most days— just goin’ all out and completely missing it.


  2. What’s that saying about excuses and buttholes?


  3. Sherry says:

    are you into torture or something? blogging every day? lol…well I blog sort of every day…always posting links to my facebook page of what other SHOULD read in my estimation. How arrogant is that? But then all writing is arrogant isn’t it?


    • I’m not into torture, but November’s NaNo didn’t pan out for me, and EvDaDaDec is my redemption.
      And yes, all writing is arrogant, because who are we to think the world wants our perspectives? Writers.


  4. Dylan Dailey says:

    No fail! The attempt you made is strong. Just post twice tomorrow!


  5. Matt Roberts says:

    LOL That dog’s trying though ain’t he?!


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