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“Good tidings to you…”

I think that part of the song means “Good news, Jesus was born.”

But people flip it, and turn it into “Good news, look at all of our happy family business!”
They send you a family newsletter.

I know some people who get really bent out of shape about yearly family newsletters, but I actually like them. We get several every year from friends and extended family, and I always enjoy reading them.
I don’t write them, but I like them.

I’m also very fond of the holiday cards that are photos of the family, or babies, or pets. I know people think they’re overdone, but I enjoy all of them.
I don’t send them, but I like receiving them.

Some people do both.


Personally, I send the standard-non-specific-super-secular holiday cards, and I enjoy every one I get in return, most especially the ones I receive before my own are mailed.

I write in mine, specific to the recipient.
I guess for me, it’s the time of year that my thoughts turn to those I care for, and often miss. Sometimes I feel a twinge of guilt while I write my cards, because I should have called: I should have written. But then, I suppose they could have called or written as well, and their holiday card is a token of their fondness for me, too.

I do love the festivity of this time of year. All love and warmth and togetherness.

It’s best just to forget about any of the scheduling conflicts, shopping stress, and monies.

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5 Responses to Tidings

  1. orbthefirst says:

    Ok. Wait. Family “newsletters?” Thats a thing? That sounds like a Brady Bunch thing. It seems weird & creepy in my mind. Maybe Im misunderstanding what that is exactly.


  2. Sherry says:

    since we moved to Las Cruces, away from EVERYONE, I wrote a letter last year, and did a very short one this year. I shall take a pic of the house decorations to include. That’s tomorrow’s task. I am handling this holiday well, everything is well in hand…until some catastrophe hits. lol..


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