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One-Liner Wednesday — Regional Cooking

When I lived in Georgia, I went to the commissary lookin for Milnot so I could make one of my gramma’s recipes. I couldn’t find it. Like any wise woman would do, I approached a gray-haired woman to steal her greater wisdom. … Continue reading

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Canine Mystery

A while back, Sadie started actin weird. I assumed she was stressed from the change in her schedule, with my return to work. She’s my dog. She might be The Mister’s good puppy, but she’s my dog. First, it was reported … Continue reading

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Share Your World #29

What is the perfect pizza? I’m still mildly obsessed with the spinach and goat cheese pizzas. Have y’all still not tried this?   What is your favorite time of day? I like the quiet darkness of the pre-dawn hours. And … Continue reading

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SoCS — Why We’re Not Having Coffee

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you why I never do those If We Were Having Coffee posts. I’d tell you I love reading those of others, but I never write them myself. If YOU were having coffee, by … Continue reading

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Not Why We Call Her Moo

I’ve had two underweight children. I promise I fed them more than adequately. I may have slathered extra butter on their bread and pushed the milk, too. That milk thing, it seems to stick. For the longest time, keeping the … Continue reading

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#ThursdayDoors — It’s Not a Church and You’re Not a Downtown Driver

Every time I drive downtown, I see these twin domed steeples. The last few times, I thought ooh i bet that church has great doors! Of course, I had no idea where it was, street-wise. An adventure! I had eager … Continue reading

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One-Liner Wednesday — Jarhead Gibe

“When your brother was born, I was at Parris Island Marine Corps Recruit Depot. It’s like Fort Knox, but for real men,” The Mister explained. One-Liner Wednesday is brought to you by LindaGHill  

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You Can’t Outgrow My Love, My Love

I put my bag of new shoes in the trunk and Sassy (then 12) and I got into the car to head home. Sassy had never been to the shoe warehouse. I have no idea how many shoes are in there, … Continue reading

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Share Your World #28

What is your earliest memory? I don’t know. I seem to remember a great deal from our house on 43rd Street, and we left there when I was four. How old was I when I fell off my tricycle and … Continue reading

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SoCS — Not Now

“Not now.” “Can’t. Makin gravy.” “Can’t. Typin.” “Can’t. Foldin laundry.” “Can’t. Paint all over me.” “Can’t. Gotta pee.” “Not now.” Things I say to my children while they follow me around for hugs. Despite what my family says about me … Continue reading

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