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Did Someone Say Busy?

I guess Just Jot It January is Busy today.I’m busy! Yay! (well it’s not good business to have nothing to do, now is it?) Besides, I’d rather be overwhelmed than idle. I’m not good at idle. You ever had a … Continue reading

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Shoulda Been a Doors Post

We bank online. Our only brick and mortar branch is in San Antonio and we can’t make it to Texas every time we wanna bank, so we bank online and through an app on The Mister’s phone. It’s good. I … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Meh

I’m okay. I’ve just been busy and stuff. I have problems like everyone else. I mean, I don’t have the same problems, like we’re all sharing the problems, although I suppose some of us share some of the same problems, … Continue reading

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Twas a Tuesday, Twas

My morning began by discovering Diva Furnace failure. Happens every year. I went to work, “Mentor, what happens at my house every winter?” and she knew. She didn’t have to guess twice or anything. Diva Furnace has been meeting temps … Continue reading

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The Purple Monkeys in the Trees

The ramblings of children, while often entertaining, can be exhausting. Of course, I was an exceptional child and all the things I had to say were breathtakingly interesting and important, and I wanted my parents to listen. I would begin, … Continue reading

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Inspiration Can Be Snarky

Y’all enrich my life. You really do, thank you. I learn so much, am inspired so often. I simply cannot thank you enough for your online interaction. However, I’ve been looking over your resolutions and I realize few of them … Continue reading

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We have finished the leftovers from Christmas dinner. As part of it, I made Martha Stewart’s mac n cheese, which was suggested to me by Receptionist who DOES go on about it. I thought the recipe was a bit fussy … Continue reading

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I Believe in Christmas Eve

Can you believe my girls are at swim practice on Christmas Eve morning? Can you believe The Mister’s at work? Can you believe I’m home? I am! I’ve been home a lot for four days and often by myself. Well, … Continue reading

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A Brave New Coat

Several years ago, I wrote a post about Ye Old Barn Jacket. This is the official retirement post of Ye Old Barn Jacket as we have entered a new outerwear chapter entitled A Brave New Coat. That means this is … Continue reading

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Whiteout Blip

It’s doing the snow. School was on a two-hour delay, so I was, too. Then it snowed again. One of our bosses was all, “Go home before it gets bad” and we did. I am grateful I did not have … Continue reading

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